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Spring 2006 - Students on Street

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Students on the Street

What is your favorite memory of your first year at Purdue?

Trisha Isenberg Veronica Novak Ben Arjomandi Morgan Bancroft

"When a guy ina monkey costume came into one of my finals and started fighting with the professor."

"My favorite memory was the excitement and energy of the crowed at the first home football game."

"Joining the men's soccer club and meeting people who had the same passion for something I had. It helped develop lifelong friendships."

"I remember being tossed into a world of opportunity. Just because I came to school didn't mean I had to give up fun just for studying."

Trisha Isenberg, Pre-veterinary medicine and animal agribusiness, junior, New Market, Ind. Veronica Novak, Agricultural communication, freshman, Logansport, Ind. Ben Arjomandi,
Agricultural business management, Shiraz, Iran
Morgan Bancroft, Fisheries and aquatic sciences, junior, Glastonbury, Conn.

Missy Watler Genoveva Cruz Zach Bagley

"Getting super excited to go to a toga party, then when we got to the party, no one was wearing a toga!"

"Staying up until like 2 in the morning talking to my roommate and finding out we both could not ride bikes and the first romance novel we read was the exact same one."

"Christmas caroling at our friends' house, and pranking them by stealing their spoons and microwave while we had them distracted."

Missy Watler,
Agricultural communication, junior, Columbus, Ind.
Genoveva Cruz,
Biochemistry, junior, New London, Conn.
Zach Bagley,
Wildlife science, junior, Greentown, Ind.