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Spring 2006 - Editor's Word

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A word from the editor

By Julie Douglas

From cows and plows to liquid nitrogen ice cream, agriculture has changed significantly over the last several decades.

Julie Douglas
Julie Douglas

Years ago, agriculture mainly focused on farmers, livestock and grain production. Now, agriculture is improving food, expanding insect research, learning about animal behavior, desiging and building equipment and much more.

In this magazine, you will find a variety of stories about the ways Purdue Agriculture is at the forefront of these changes. You will read about students learning new skills and building character outside the classroom in clubs like the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. You'll learn how a researcher and students are finding ways to make strawberries last longer, and how award-winning faculty members are helping students learn through hands-on experiments and projects. You'll also learn about a Purdue Agriculture graduate who is using what he learned to change the shape of of what we eat.

Everyone in Purdue Agriculture plays a vital role in shaping agriculture through teaching, researching, working on community projects and more.

Agriculture is, and will continue to be, a world in itself. It brings together all fields of study - math, science, communication, biology, chemistry, physics, business, management and more - to create today's agriculture industry. Whatever your interests - as the pages in this magazine will show - Purdue Agriculture has something for you.