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Spring 2007 - A word

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A word from the editor

By Jennifer Schaaf

During the first week of my final year at Purdue, I attended a conference where Tom Robinson, vice president for student services, opened his speech with two words that made me realize what I really think about Purdue. "Welcome home," he said.

Jennifer Schaaf

Jennifer Schaaf

At that moment, I realized that even though I had just packed up everything I own, left the home I grew up in, and crossed state lines to get here, Purdue was more home to me than anywhere else. Although I graduate in the spring and will no longer have a West Lafayette address, Purdue will always be more than my alma mater. It will forever be where my heart is, my home.

Being a Purdue Agriculture student had a lot to do with this feeling. I started at Purdue in another college and actually changed majors three times before settling on Purdue Agriculture. Only after I was part of the College of Agriculture did I feel like I fit here.

It always makes me smile to walk through the dining hall and find Dale Whittaker, associate dean and director of academic programs, having lunch with Purdue Agriculture students. Sure, he probably enjoys the food as much as the next guy, but he also wants to know what we are up to and what we think about things. And that is only the beginning of why I love Purdue Agriculture.

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