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Spring 2008 - Students on Street

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Students on the Street

What's one thing you would have done differently with your time at Purdue?

Mike Skvarla Bryan Roberts Britney Tompkins Isaac Serbin

"I would have changed roommates second semester. He wore four shirts and didn't ever wash them."

"I wish I would have known how great living in the dorms was. I got to know a lot of people, and that was a great thing at such a big college."

"I wish I would have lived on campus. You’re closer to everything, and it's a real pain driving back and forth to class every day."

"I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting to know my professors. Talk to them. They just want to help."

Mike Skvarla, Entomology, junior, Pittsburg Bryan Roberts, Animal science preveterinary medicine, Linton, Ind. Britney Tompkins, Agribusiness management, senior, Wilkinson, Ind. Isaac Serbin, Agricultural systems managment, junior, Hope, Ind.

Travis Studtman Bradley Muldoon Summer Fagg

"I would have decided on the major that I liked at the beginning and not waited until sophomore year."

"I spent so much time studying as a freshman. If I could do it again, I would have relaxed and just had more fun with it."

"Instead of being involved with many different organizations, I would have selected a few that I was very passionate about and taken an active role in them."

Travis Studtman, Agricultural education, senior, Michigan City, Ind. Bradley Muldoon, Agribusiness management, senior, Shelbyville, Ind. Summer Fagg, Agricultural finance, senior, Clay City, Ind.