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Spring 2010 - Word from editor

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A word from the editor

By Janelle Dixon

Janelle Dixon
Janelle Dixon

I was never sure what I wanted to do after I graduated from high school, but I knew I had to go to college. I visited a few colleges before stumbling across the agricultural communication major at Purdue. After a campus visit and meeting with my advisor, I knew it would work for me.

During my sophomore year, I was not sure that agricultural communication was everything that I wanted, so I decided to add a second major: agricultural economics.

This change helped me realize how awesome Purdue Agriculture is. The advisors not only care about helping students graduate on time, they also care about what is best for them as individuals. From determining which class fits me best to knowing what I'm doing over the summer, my advisors want to know it all. I'm not just a number to them; they call me by name and e-mail me daily.

As a senior, I faced the hardest decision I had to make in my life thus far: Should I apply for jobs or continue my education in graduate school? Again, my advisors are there to help. Not only do they personally talk to me about my decision, they help connect me with other sources to give mas many different views as possible.

I can't imagine attending another university or being part of a program where the people care about you like they do in the Purdue University College of Agriculture.