Students on the Street

What was your most embarrassing moment on campus?

Lucas Schumacher
"I got yelled at by a cop my first week at Purdue for being on top of a fountain for a group picture."
Lucas Schumacher,
Horticulture science: landscape horticulture and design, sophomore, Rockford, Ill.
Thomas Wuertemberger
"I saw a skateboarder coming my way, had no time to move and braced for impact. We both lost."
Thomas Wuertemberger,
Horticulture science: landscape horticulture and design, sophomore, Richmond, Ind.
Emily Neuenschwander
"I went to a job interview thinking it was a different company than it was."
Emily Neuenschwander,
Food science, senior, Bluffton, Ind.
Travis Martin
"I had my to-do list written on my hand and my professor thought I was cheating."
Travis Martin,
Agricultural economics, sophomore, Flora, Ind.

Michelle Dirksen
"I wrecked a bike in front of a fraternity and ended up throwing it in the bushes."
Michelle Dirksen,
Agricultural economics, junior, Portland, Ind.
John Carter
"In my math lecture I fell asleep, I twitched and woke myself up."
John Carter,
Agricultural engineering, freshman, Burlington, Ind.
Amanda Smith
"I somehow got locked in the stairwell of a building once and I used the fire escape to get out."
Amanda Smith,
Biochemistry, junior, Fort Wayne, Ind.