A Word from the Editor

By Brooklynne Slabaugh

A word from the editor Brooklynne Slabaugh 

Brooklynne Slabaugh

I credit my success at Purdue to taking advantage of the abundant opportunities the university offers.

The first opportunity I had was joining the Purdue Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow during my freshman year. After that, more opportunities followed.

After I got involved in activities outside the classroom, it seemed like I was bombarded with options. Did I want to spend my time in more student organizations, working a job on campus or going to leadership conferences?

I did all of those. I joined a couple more student organizations (including Agricultural Council and became president), I started working a part-time job on campus, and have attended four leadership conferences, which took me to places like Lubbock, Texas, and Kansas City, Mo.

With each opportunity I’ve become a better student, leader and young professional. And with each meeting or trip, I’ve encountered more opportunities to learn and find a career.

Purdue offers everything you need to be successful. My advice for any student attending or planning to attend Purdue is to take advantage of opportunities and make them work for you.