A Word from the Editor

By Amanda Gee

Amanda Gee

Amanda Gee

Picking a college is about evaluating all the options, and this magazine showcases some of the opportunities Purdue Agriculture offers its students. I invite you to look through the pages and explore what Purdue Agriculture can offer you.

If you love football but aren't an athlete, you can still find a way to passionately support your team, as Jeremy Russell did.

If you're committed to helping others, you can take inspiration from Laura Stockwell who traveled to Haiti and promoted the idea of sustainability. If you dream of studying abroad and making a difference in the world, you can take inspiration from Carissa McCay.

You can work on a university research farm and find a new career passion, like Sarah Ellingwood and Jake Blesdoe did. If you take a holistic approach to food and life, like Abby Maurer, you can share your thoughts through your words. And, if you want to gain valuable internship experience, you can learn about the unusual way Katie Best went about it.

When I think about Purdue, I think of all the opportunities it has to offer. And you should, too! Boiler up!​​​