Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 2016​

Standing in the middle of a grassy field, Megan McCarty stared at a huge, white sheet illuminated by ultraviolet light. The sun dipped below the horizon; the show was ready to begin​. Read more.​

Micah Wallace walked into the classroom on the first day of school feeling both nervous and excited. In another first, she would stand on the other side of the desks and be “Miss Wallace.” Read more.

Entrepreneur nurtures business and school

Entrepreneur nurtures business and school​

Joe Frieden wiped his brow and looked at his watch. There were only two hours until the graduation party, and he saw the homeowners glancing nervously out the back windows. Read more.

Senior shares her passion for food science

Senior shares her passion for food science

On a warm fall day, Sheila Brogan sat outside in a circle surrounded by hundreds of elementary school kids. The senior food science major from LaGrange, Illinois, could tell that the kids were waiting for her to say something good. So she took a deep breath, smiled, and told them all about food science. Read more.

Water projects take senior across Africa

Water projects take senior across Africa

During a trip to Africa, Grace Baldwin quickly learned that she would be noticed everywhere she went. Read more.

Sophomore continues research on species she discovered in high schoolSophomore continues research on species she discovered in high school
Shannon Newerth isn’t just another Purdue undergraduate research assistant. That’s because the sophomore plant science major from Beech Grove, Indiana, hit a jackpot while she was still in high school. Read more.

Students on the Street

 What was one thing you wish you had in your residence hall room? Read more.​

There’s a string that ties together all the diversity in this magazine (and a whole lot more). Read more. Read more.

Bonus Web-only Stories

Carlee Glassburn’s first job after earning a Purdue bachelor’s degree in agricultural communication in 2015 was not entirely what she expected it to be. Read more. Read more.​