About Us

The Purdue advancement of Digital Agriculture involves fusing our physical and social worlds using modern data-intensive technologies to collect, connect, curate, communicate, and compute. As we integrate characterization and modeling, we improve decision making and even autonomous action.

Data Science for Agriculture

Our faculty and students apply and develop techniques for turning data into insights - even unassisted action - through artificial intelligence, visualization, and virtual models of physical, biological, chemical and social phenomena.

Closing the digital divide

The region has several initiatives to develop and deploy advanced technologies to improve connectivity of internet of things (IoT) devices for agriculture as well as improve quality of life in rural communities.

UAV / remote sensing

Through research and outreach, unmanned vehicles are being used in a variety of applications including hyperspectral imaging, high-throughput phenotyping, livestock management, and logistics improvement.

Testbeds for next-gen technology for agriculture

Purdue research farms are fully-connected for in-field research; they have high-capacity multi-band connectivity and a high speed data pipeline for testing IoT systems featuring autonomous data.

Education/workforce development efforts

A combination of extension programs, undergraduate and graduate courses and certificates are designed to meet hi-tech and data-science-for-agriculture needs.

Farmer network

Through the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network, we have an alliance of progressive farmers teaming to test technology and feed analytic systems for improved decision making.

Ongoing innovation

The ecosystem of converging technologies and disciplines is generating a culture of collaboration among researchers and educators to facilitate rapid innovation to work toward lasting global impact.

Dennis R. Buckmaster
Professor of ABE  | Dean’s Fellow for Digital Agriculture
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