The Digital Agriculture caveat …

We are in a time and dealing with a “subject space” called Digital Agriculture that is fuzzy, fluid, and often interpreted in different ways.  It will not likely be long until all agriculture is highly digital, but at this time, there are many topics, principles, and aspects that are not specifically data-intensive with connected devices and algorithmic insights. With this in mind, the caveat of this page, and likely other pages on this site, is that courses and programs making the list is not perfect but should give a very good idea of existing programming at Purdue.

We offer this compilation as a resource to students, advisors, prospective students, and professionals regarding opportunities and offerings in training and education.

All College of Agriculture majors are available via the Purdue Catalog.

Wise choices of elective and optional courses in most of these majors can lead to unique qualifications in data science and digital agriculture.

The top of our list would be the new Data Driven Agriculture minor. This minor encompasses the Purdue undergraduate certificate in Applications in Data Science. This certificate is accessible to all Purdue undergraduate students; although requirements are for 16 credits in distinct categories, many of those credits will fit naturally within requirements for many majors.

At the graduate level, Purdue Agriculture offers a graduate certificate in Spatial Data Science that is 100% online delivery.

One particular program specifically targets digital agriculture and that is the Data and Information Systems concentration of the Agricultural Systems Management major.

The Purdue Polytechnic offers a B.S. in Unmanned Aerial Systems as well as a Minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems.