Glossary of Terms - B

Base station

Also called a reference station, is a receiver located at a surveyed benchmark. The base station calculates the error for each satellite and through differential correction, improves the accuracy of GPS positions collected at unknown locations by a roving GPS receiver.

Bayes’ Theorem

Gives the probability of an event when we already have information about some other condition related to the event.


An abbreviated term for binary digit, the smallest unit of computer data.

Boom leveling

Automatic height adjustment of a spray boom often using ultrasound sensors.

Boom section controller

Electronic/mechanical equipment capable of turning on/off sections of an application boom automatically in combination with GPS positioning and area mapping.


An area defined by the specified distance around a point, line, or area.


A unit of computer storage of binary data usually comprising eight bits, and equivalent to a character. A kilobyte is one thousand bytes, a megabyte is one million bytes, and a gigabyte or “gig” is one billion bytes.