All humans have a connection to agriculture through the food chain. Sensors and systems from harvest through consumption help to improve quality and safety. Added value can come through identity preservation (traceability) and associated marketing which relies on accurate trait, transport, and processing records.  Post-harvest systems in developing countries are particularly in need of improvement.

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Crowdsourcing Data for Improved Food Quality and Safety

Have you thought that the postings on social media can help improve food quality and safety? Scientist can use Artificial Intelligence to analyze postings and learn about your emotions, lifestyles, and purchase intentions. This is an example of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing data have been used in…


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Data Driven Agriculture Webinar Series

During the Spring 2021 semester, Purdue Agriculture hosted a weekly webinar series featuring experts in data science and digital agriculture at Purdue University. Each Thursday from February through May, the Data Driven Agriculture webinars explored ways digital agriculture and data science can impact agriculture today and into the future. “Building on the momentum of last…


Public Data for the Public Good

Nicole Widmar, professor and associate head of agricultural economics at Purdue University recently presented as part of the Data Driven Agriculture webinar series. Public availability of data has helped U.S. agriculturalists engage in the worldwide marketplace in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. Widmar delves into ongoing research on public and consumer perceptions…


Key Terms

Proximal sensing

Using sensors or instruments close to the object being measured, but not necessarily in contact with the object.

Active Sensor

A device that generates a signal, bounces it off an object, and measures the signal reflected from the object.


A device that measures the amount of electromagnetic radiation, including visible and invisible light waves.


A mathematical formula that may be used to control variable rate applications.