Sensors that can quantify factors related to crop, animal, and woodland production and environmental management are the foundations of digital management.  When those sensors are interconnected and communicate in real time, that concept is Internet of Things, or IoT.  Sensors can be mounted on satellites, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, ground-driven implements, or in fixed or semi-fixed locations on plants or animals or in the soil.  Common measurements include geographic coordinates, electromagnetic reflectance within the visible, near infrared, thermal, and other spectrums, temperature, pressure, speed, resistance, vibration, and humidity.

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Digital Forestry: Key Developments in Aerial Remote Sensing

Songlin Fei, professor of forestry and natural resources; Joe Hupy, associate professor of aviation technology; and Jinha Jung, assistant professor of civil engineering, all of Purdue University, present a webinar titled Digital Forestry: Key Developments in Aerial Remote Sensing. In this webinar, Fei, Hupy and…


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Extension UAV Initiative Update

The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aka drones) Initiative started in 2017 with Specialists conducting field-level research and expanded in 2018 with funding support from Dr. Jason Henderson to acquire UAVs for Educators across the state. The initial group was comprised of 17 Educators and has since grown to over 20…


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Direction in which a slope faces.

Active Sensor

A device that generates a signal, bounces it off an object, and measures the signal reflected from the object.

Geosynchronous satellite

A satellite moving west to east whose orbital period is equal to the earth’s rotational period. If the orbit is circular and lies in the plane of the equator, the satellite will remain over one point. Otherwise it will appear to make a figure eight once a day between the latitudes that correspond to its angle of inclination over the equator. The constellation for GPS is geosynchronous.


Information about data, including data quality, currency, file lineage, ownership.