Innovative Research

Purdue plant imaging facility named for Ag Alumni Seed

Plants in phenotyping facility

Ag Alumni Seed, a seed technology company specializing in hybrid popcorn, will fund a second growth chamber that will more than double the facility’s plant holding capacity. The 7,300-square-foot phenotyping facility – open since February 2018 – complements Purdue’s field-based phenotyping capabilities by allowing a rapid, non-destructive alternative to exploring plant traits under precise environmental control.

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Well-connected in the field

“We’re in a progression of connectivity,” explained Richard Grant. “Purdue is giving us the opportunity to enhance the linkage between the increasingly connected world and what we’ve always been doing.”

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The latest buzz around digital agriculture

A bee with and RFID held by a gloved hand

“It wasn’t until a family friend took me beekeeping that I got hooked,” recalled Brock Harpur, assistant professor of entomology. “It happened as soon as I put on the suit, opened up the colony and saw the life inside. It’s pretty remarkable what you can see inside of a honey bee colony as a scientist.”…

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Digital agriculture: Why the future is now

digital agriculture dairy

How is digital agriculture going to change the landscape of farming over the next decade?

It depends on who you ask.

Many see digital agriculture as the future of the industry. At Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, however, the future is unfolding now, in different patterns and paces across campus.

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