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ENTM 493 Capstone Summaries


 ENTM 493 Capstone Summaries ‭[2]‬


Below you can find previously submitted capstone summaries, as well as upload your own.

To upload, please login with your OnePurdue account and click Upload in the toolbar. Fill out the required information and submit.

collapse Project Type : Research Project ‎(57)
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(5)
KirstenBrichlerCapstonePaperfinal.pdfKirsten BrichlerResearch ProjectRichmond2017
MichaelWoodruffCapstonePaper.pdfMichael WoodruffResearch ProjectGondhalekar2017
SarahDietrichCapstonePaper.pdfSarah DietrichResearch ProjectKrupke2017
Goldman.pdfZachary GoldmanResearch ProjectBuczkowski2017
Webster.pdfZachary WebsterResearch ProjectKaplan2017
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(4)
Ben_Savage.pdfBen SavageResearch ProjectRick Foster2016
Tormoehlen.pdfSean TormoehlenResearch ProjectMatt Ginzel2016
Russell.pdfStephanie RussellResearch ProjectJeff Holland2016
Taylor_Nelson.pdfTaylor NelsonResearch ProjectJen Zaspel2016
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(4)
Morris.pdfCarly MorrisResearch ProjectJeff Holland2015
Craig.pdfDanielle CraigResearch ProjectDoug Richmond2015
Beebe.pdfLauren BebeResearch ProjectDoug Richmond2015
Brittsan.pdfScottie BrittsanResearch ProjectIan Kaplan2015
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(4)
Brooke Richards.pdfBrooke RichardsResearch ProjectMatthew Ginzel2014
Jeff Trembacki.pdfJeff TrembackiResearch ProjectIan Kaplan2014
Julia Snyder.pdfJulia SnyderResearch ProjectJennifer Zaspel2014
Parker Denny.pdfParker DennyResearch ProjectGreg Hunt2014
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(6)
Collins summary.pdfAlyssa CollinsResearch ProjectDr. Chris Oseto 2013
Grott capstone summary.pdfElaina GrottResearch ProjectDr. Christian Krupke2013
Mroczkiewicz Summary.pdfEmily MroczkiewiczResearch ProjectDr. Ian Kaplan2013
Zhou capstone summary.pdfHuizhe ZhouResearch ProjectDr. Michael Scharf2013
Stewart capstone summary.pdfTyler StewartResearch ProjectDr. Jeffrey Holland2013
Amodt capstone summary.pdfZachary AmodtResearch ProjectDr. Gary Bennett2013
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(5)
John Diller capstone summary.pdfJohn DillerResearch ProjectDr. Catherine Hill2012
Katie Strack.pdfKatie StrackResearch ProjectDr. Ralph Williams2012
Matt Keen capstone summary.pdfMatt KeenResearch ProjectDr. Ralph Williams2012
Rebecca Rose Capstone summary.pdfRebecca RoseResearch ProjectDr. Tom Turpin2012
Stephanie Hathaway Capstone Summary.pdfStephanie HathawayResearch ProjectDr. Douglas Richmond2012
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(9)
Capstone Summary Kittle.pdfBrittany KittleResearch ProjectDr. Jeffrey Holland2011
Capstone Short.pdfChristina ShortResearch ProjectKurt Saltzmann2011
Martin Capstone Smmary.pdfDaniel MartinResearch ProjectDr. Larry Murdock2011
Powell Capstone Summary.pdfGareth PowellResearch ProjectDr. Jeffrey Holland2011
Capstone Summary Frazier.pdfGary FrazierResearch ProjectDr. Matthew Ginzel2011
Feston Capstone Summary.pdfJames FestonResearch ProjectDr. Linda Mason2011
Capstone_report_05062011.pdfJiaqi GuoResearch ProjectDr. Christian Krupke2011
Capstone Summary Norman.pdfKevin NormanResearch ProjectDr. Linda Mason2011
Capstone Summary Smith.pdfSteven SmithResearch ProjectDr. Christian Krupke2011
collapse Year : 2010 ‎(6)
Alicia_Kelly.pdfAlicia KellyResearch ProjectDr. Greg Hunt2010
Caitlin_Race.pdfCaitlin RaceResearch ProjectDr. Jeff Holland2010
Chase_Williams.pdfChase WilliamsResearch ProjectDr. Ralph Williams2010
Gregory_McGraw.pdfGregory McGrawResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2010
Katherine_Wells.pdfKatherine WellsResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2010
Nikki_Vanderlaan.pdfNikki VanderlaanResearch ProjectDr. Matt Ginzel2010
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(4)
Amy_Lockwood.pdfAmy LockwoodResearch ProjectArwin Provonsha2009
Katie_Buckley.pdfKatie BuckleyResearch ProjectDr. Linda Mason2009
Kimberly_Deakins.pdfKimberly DeakinsResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2009
Kyle_Schnepp.pdfKyle SchneppResearch ProjectDr. Jeff Holland2009
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(6)
Kristi_Jukovich.pdfKristi JukovichResearch ProjectDr. Christian Oseto2008
Matt_Paschen.pdfMatt PaschenResearch ProjectDr. Christian Oseto2008
Mike_Skvarla.pdfMike SkvarlaResearch ProjectDr. Jeff Holland2008
Nitsa_Martinez.pdfNitsa MartinezResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2008
Tabatha_Carroll.pdfTabatha CarrollResearch ProjectDr. Christian Oseto2008
Terri_Hoctor.pdfTerri HoctorResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2008
collapse Year : 2007 ‎(4)
Autumn_Nance.pdfAutumn NanceResearch ProjectDr. Doug Richmond2007
Ian_Smith.pdfIan SmithResearch ProjectDr. Linda Mason2007
Matt_VanWeelden.pdfMatt Van WeeldenResearch ProjectDr. Grzegorz Buczkowski2007
Nick_Seiter.pdfNick SeiterResearch ProjectDr. Christian Krupke2007
collapse Project Type : Outreach Project ‎(5)
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(1)
Sisk.pdfSusanna SiskOutreach ProjectTom Turpin2015
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(1)
Rider-Hill Capstone Project Summary.pdfChelsea Rider-HillOutreach ProjectDr. Greg Hunt2013
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(2)
Ed Russell Capstone summary.pdfEdward RussellOutreach ProjectDr. Tom Turpin2012
Zach Eisenhauer capstone summary.pdfZach EisenhauerOutreach ProjectArwin Provonsha2012
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(1)
Amber_Vinchesi.pdfAmber VinchesiOutreach ProjectDr. Tom Turpin2009
collapse Project Type : Internship Project ‎(2)
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(1)
Jonathan_Larson.pdfJonathan LarsonInternship ProjectDr. Al York2009
collapse Year : 2007 ‎(1)
Jay_Bailey.pdfJay BaileyInternship ProjectDr. Al York2007
collapse Project Type : Extension Project ‎(2)
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(1)
Caryn Michel.pdfCaryn MichelExtension ProjectRick Foster2014
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(1)
Ruth_Allhands.pdfRuth AllhandsExtension ProjectDr. Rick Foster2008