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Bug Bowl video captures all the main eventsNew

​Lakeshore Public Media

Date Added: 4/23/2014

BB 2014-2.jpg

Lakeshore Public Media from Merrillville, Indiana, sent a crew to Bug Bowl on April 12, 2014. The segment, entitled "Jump in the Lake," captures excellently the events and excitement of Bug Bowl. To view these interviews on film, click Bug Bowl 2014.

Matt Ginzel talks about gypsy moth eradication program coming up

​Jim Bush
Purdue News
April 22, 2014

Date Added: 4/22/2014


Indiana's Department of Natural Resources will use low-flying planes to spray parts of Purdue University during May and June to eradicate an invasive insect that threatens tree populations.
The insect is the gypsy moth, one of North America's most devastating forest pests, which was first accidentally introduced to the United States near Boston in 1869 by an immigrant artist turned astronomer who dabbled as an amateur entomologist. The insect has slowly spread throughout the Northeast and into parts of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes states, including Indiana.

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To spit a cricket

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
April 10, 2014

Date Added: 4/16/2014

Cricket_spitting.jpgOne of the rites of spring here at Purdue University is an event appropriately called Spring Fest. This family-friendly event draws thousands of people to the campus over a single weekend. It is a fun-filled way to provide a glimpse of what is going on within the hallowed halls of "Good Ol' Purdue."


The Department of Entomology contributes to Spring Fest with Bug Bowl. This will be the 24th edition of this "all things insect" celebration. Bug Bowl participants have the opportunity to mimic the behavior of our long-lost ancestors and turn insects into human food. Paleo diet, anyone? If eating insects isn't your thing, you can cheer on racing cockroaches, peer through a microscope at small insects or actually touch an insect or arachnid at the petting zoo.

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Jacob Shreve (MS '12) enters medical school

​Jacob Shreve

Date Added: 4/16/2014

Jacob Shreve (BS Biology '09; MS Entomology '12) has been accepted in Indiana University's School of Medshreve jacob 03.jpgicine and will begin their MD program in the fall. Jacob studied under Rich Shukle and attributes much of his success to Dr. Shukle's guidance.

Jacob relates, "I'm not quite sure ​about specializations yet, but whatever I do will likely have ways to involve genome sequencing. I've been corresponding with a professor of neurosurgery at IU about getting sponsorship for a summer research program, and he already has genomic data that needs analysis, so a surgery specilaization is definitely something I will be considering. I'm also really interested in using genomic screening in preventative medicine, so I'll just have to see where that takes me."
Congratulations to Jacob!!
Sarah Cooper, Jeff senior, wins at science fair

​Steve Yaninek

Date Added: 4/10/2014

Sarah Cooper science fair winner.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah Cooper whose research on seed pesticides and corn planter lubricants with Christian Krupke was recognized at both the regional and state science fairs this past month (photo attached).  
In early March at the Lafayette Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Sarah placed second in the Environmental Sciences category and won two special awards: the Interdisciplinary Science Research Award and the Young Scientist of Promise Award. She also advanced to the State Science Fair competition at IUPUI last week where she was awarded the Student Award for Geoscience Excellence and the Purdue University College of Agriculture Award. Sarah is a senior at Jefferson High School and is advised by Joe Ruhl. See below for a description of Sarah’s work.

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Grad students receive NSF awards

​Steve Yaninek

Date Added: 4/10/2014

Carmen and Michael.jpg

Congratulations to Carmen Blubaugh and Michael Garvey who recently received competitive awards from the National Science Foundation (photo attached).
Carmen obtained a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant to help support her research activities, while Michael got an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship which provides three years of support for graduate studies.
Carmen and Michael are both in Ian Kaplan’s lab.
Ian Kaplan and Mike Scharf promoted

​Steve Yaninek

Date Added: 4/10/2014

Scharf promotion.jpgKaplan promotino.jpg

Congratulations to Ian Kaplan and Mike Scharf!

Ian has been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor, and Mike has been promoted to Professor. The Board of Trustees gave final approval for these promotions on Friday. These promotions take effect on July 1st. Attached are photos of each individual receiving the official word from Dean Jay Akridge.

"5 Students Who . . . " senior minored in Forensic Sciences

​Trevor Stamper

Date Added: 4/10/2014

Purdue senior Caleb Waddell minored in forensic sciences and worked in Trevor Stamper's lab for two semesters. Now Caleb is featured as one of "5 Students Who Move the World Forward." His profile was in the April 9 issue of Purdue Today.
To read about Caleb, click on Caleb Waddell.
AP Staff promoted

​Steve Yaninek

Date Added: 4/9/2014


Congratulations to James Kruse, Duan Liu and Cynthia Music in CERIS, and Amanda Pendleton in Entomology who were all promoted in their respective AP ranks! These promotions take effect on July 1st (see attached photos).
Luke Jacobus named Indiana Academy of Science Fellow

​Luke Jacobus
April 4, 2014

Date Added: 4/7/2014

Jacobus Luke

Luke Jacobus
 (BS '00; PhD '06) has been named a fellow in the Indiana Academy of Science.  Only three people were elected in 2014. 


To read the entire press release, click on Luke Jacobus IAS Fellow​

Adam Witte cited in Purdue Ag News about EAB

​Keith Robinson
Purdue Agricultural News
March 26, 2014

Date Added: 3/28/2014


Exotic Forest Pest Educator Adam Witte contributed to an article in the Purdue Agriculture News published on March 26, 2014. This article addresses the ability of Emerald Ash Borer to withstand winters even as harsh as - or worse than - the one we just experienced. To read the article in its entirety, click Adam Witte's comments.

Insect Eggstravaganza

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
March 27, 2014

Date Added: 3/28/2014

Meteorologists define March, April and May as the months of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Seasonally, spring is a time of birth and renewal.


On the renewal side, plants that have been dormant during the winter sprout new foliage. Some hibernating animals - including a few insects - become active. Birds that fled to southern climes return.


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Christian Krupke quoted in honeybee-pesticide debate

​Josephine Marcotty
Miami Herald Environment
March 24, 2014

Date Added: 3/26/2014

bee3.jpgIn the ongoing discussion regarding the effects of neonicotinoids on honeybee health, Christian Krupke was cited in a recent article in the Miami Herald Environment issue. To read the article, click Miami Herald article.


Insect Peekaboo

​Prof. Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
March 13, 2014

Date Added: 3/14/2014


Remember that old game of peekaboo? It's a game played between an adult and a baby. It works this way. The adult covers up an object and then uncovers it in the presence of the little child and says "peekaboo!" Sometimes the object is an adult's face covered with his or her hands.

According to developmental psychologists, peekaboo plays an important role in the psychological development of children. The child playing the game is learning an important concept. It is object permanence - the idea that things exist even when they cannot be seen.


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James Cilek (BS '74) is a Navy entomologist

​From eNews from ESA
February 26, 2014

Date Added: 3/10/2014

James E. Cilek, BCE, has accepted a position as department head of Testing and Evaluation at the U.S. Navy Entomology Center of Excellence in Jacksonville, Florida. He will be responsible for collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to develop and evaluate public health insecticide delivery systems, new technologies, and products for the control of disease-carrying arthropods and pests of military significance.


Entomology Faculty Members receive AgSEED Awards

​Keith Robinson
Purdue Agriculture News
March 4, 2014

Date Added: 3/7/2014

​Entomology faculty members Matt Ginzel, Cate Hill, Ian Kaplan and Christian Krupke are among those awarded state-funded grants.  The initiative is called AgSeed. Grzesiek Buczkowski was also a Co-PI on an AgSEED proposal. To view the entire article, just click on AgSEED Grants.

Cockroach Friends of Mine

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
February 27, 2014

Date Added: 2/28/2014

Cockroach bait feeding.jpg

To most people, the word cockroach is sure to elicit some expression of disdain, if not outright revulsion. Indeed, cockroaches are a group of insects that are almost universally viewed as some of the most disgusting creatures on the surface of the earth.
It is not real easy to explain why cockroaches have managed to become one of the most reviled of all the insects. It is fairly obvious why we humans don't like those insects, such as the bees and wasps that sting. Insects such as mosquitoes that suck blood and can transmit disease organisms certainly have earned the wrath we bestow upon them. And those insects that eat our plants or our possessions, well grumbling about them seems justified.


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Alumnus Robert Bruce Cummings dies in LaPorte

​What's New LaPorte?
September 27, 2013

Date Added: 2/25/2014

​Entomology alumnus Robert Bruce Cummings (BS '57, MS '64) died last September in LaPorte, Indiana. Bruce earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees at Purdue. To read the entire obituary, click R B Cummings obit.

Adam Witte advises Indiana State University on EAB

​Patsy Kelly
Februsry 20, 2014

Date Added: 2/24/2014


Adam Witte, Exotic Forest Pest Educator, was recently consulted for comments by WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana regarding the invasion and treatment of Emerald Ash Borer.  For the complete news segment, click on ​Adam's comments.


End of the Monarch reign?

​Tom Turpin
On Six Legs
February 13, 2014

Photo by Steve Yaninek

Date Added: 2/14/2014

P2090157.jpgFor hundreds, maybe thousands, of years, monarch butterflies flapped and floated across prairies and through woodlands of the Eastern part of the United States. Then, as trees and native grasses fell before the ax and plow of the pioneers, an agricultural patchwork of pastures, corn and hay fields, roadsides and fencerows emerged. But unlike the bison and the bobcat, the monarch butterflies soldiered on. 


Each spring the bronze-colored butterflies with the distinctive black-line markings begin a northward trek. Along the way, the butterflies sip nectar, mate and deposit eggs on milkweed plants.


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