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ENTM News : Gary Bennett publishes new book, "Bugs Be Gone"

Gary Bennett publishes new book, "Bugs Be Gone"
​Gary Bennett/Steve YaninekOctober 25, 2012

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform released a new book by Gary Bennett on August 28, 2012 entitled Bugs Be Gone: PeBugs Be Gone.jpgst control in homes and other buildings.  Sold by North Coast Media LLC, they had this writeup on the volume.

Many insects, and some of their close relatives, commonly invade homes and other buildings, annoying the human occupants, damaging the structures, eating or contaminating the food, inflicting painful bites and stings, and transmitting debilitating and deadly diseases to the people and their pets. This practical illustrated guide is broken down by pest types (cockroaches) or by where they may be found (food pests) or by the harm they cause (stinging pests). Each chapter begins with a summary of the pests in that chapter, along with how-to-do-it information on how to get rid of pests in an environmentally friendly manner. Quite often this means calling a professional pest management company to eliminate the problem and to assist you in preventing the pest problem from occurring again. More details are presented in the chapter texts that follow the chapter summary. These details are provided for consumers and professional pest managers who want to research each pest and its control in greater depth. Bottom line – Bugs Be Gone is designed to help consumers eliminate pests in homes and other buildings and prevent their return.


Available at the following link: