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ENTM News : High Five Frankfort High School Mentors!

High Five Frankfort High School Mentors!
​Melissa ShepsonOctober 30, 2012

Everyone,Frankfort HS.jpg
I’m writing this afternoon to recognize and send out a big thank you to the members of the department who participated in the third Frankfort High School Science Mentors Project.  DoE mentors this year were: Joe Braasch, Matt Ginzel, Gabriel Hughes,  Lindsay Kolich, Morgan Lucke, Ahmad shah Mohammadi, Jonathan Neal, Donnie Peterson, Elizabeth Rowen, Madeline Spigler, Tom Turpin, Dan Martin, Emily Mroczkiewicz, Susan Schechter, Faith Weeks, Scott Williams, and Steve Yaninek. These representatives partnered with Stacy Baugh, a biology and zoology teacher at Frankfort High School, to mentor her students as they designed an insect related science project. The culminating activity was a community science fair held at the high school in Frankfort last night.
The final science (and some insect related art) projects were displayed and then judged by a subset(Ginzel, Kolich, Lucke, Martin, Neal, Rowen, Weeks, and Yaninek) of the larger mentor group. The fair was opened to the public after judging was completed. This was followed by a presentation of Insecta Class Yearbook from Professor Tom Turpin and the Science Theater Outreach Program (STOP) and the event closed with the presentation of cash awards to the winners, which follow:
Science Research Project Winners
First:  Miranda Castle, Surfactants and water striders
Second:  Abraham Weinberg, Classical conditioning of ants
Third:  Sindia Trenado, Measuring bacteria on fly legs
Art Project Winners
First:  Emmanuel Martinez, Insect assemblage (Assemblage is an artistic process of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects)
Second:  Kelli Castillo, Photography
Third:  Ricardo Borjas, Insect assemblage
We will use post event reflections from everyone involved to improve this process for future science fairs.  The FHS project is a valuable opportunity to promote science education, nurture future scientists, and connect with members of a diverse community.  Thank you, mentors!!
Best regards,
Melissa Montague Shepson 
Educational Outreach Coordinator 
Department of Entomology