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News : Lifetime Achievement Award for Vicki Cassens

Lifetime Achievement Award for Vicki Cassens
by John Stutz

"As I step down from serving 6 years as the Chairman of the NPIRS Advisory Council, it gives me great pleasure, as my final official act, to bestow this award on Vicki.

When Vicki took over the NPIRS project we were in a deep financial hole.

Through her leadership, tireless work, gregarious personality, and far-reaching vision, Vicki and the rest of the CERIS staff have developed a series of successful products that provide invaluable information to all users of pesticide data. Vicki has worked relentlessly to develop the finest working relationship, between regulators and the regulated pesticide industry, that I have seen in my 25 years of working with pesticide issues.

Our rising membership, expanding product suite, use of internet technologies, and the continued financial stability of NPIRS speaks to this success.

I have known Vicki throughout her tenure with CERIS and consider her to be a close personal friend. We have had a number of misadventures together! I believe that many of you here today, and many that are not, feel the same way that I do. Vicki even took time out of a trip to attend my wedding, seven years ago, and that really meant a lot to my wife and me. Under Vicki’s tenure the NPIRS user community has become more like family than most outsiders would understand.

So thank you Vicki. This award is long overdue. I wish for continued success throughout the remainder of your career and know in my heart that our friendship will continue long after I retire from the pesticide wars."