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News : Rick Foster and Larry Murdock recognized by Indiana National Guard

Rick Foster and Larry Murdock recognized by Indiana National Guard
Department of Entomology
Larry Murdock and Rick Foster holding their plaques from the Indiana National Guard

Two Entomology professors, Rick Foster and Larry Murdock, participated in a training program for an Indiana National Guard agribusiness development team at Purdue University last week. The training prepared the team to work as Extension agents in Afghanistan.

The training included fieldwork at the Animal Science Research and Education Center at 5675 West 600 North, West Lafayette, and at the Meigs apple farm at the Throckmorton-Purdue Agricultural Center in southern Tippecanoe County.

Team members are selected from National Guard units statewide based on their agricultural background.  The team will deploy to Afghanistan in October for 11 months.

This is the third such training for Indiana National Guard agribusiness development teams at Purdue. The first team has completed its assignment in Afghanistan, and the second team is halfway through its deployment.

Both Entomology professors received plaques of appreciation from the Indiana National Guard.  The inscription on each plaque read, “For your unwavering support when called upon by the Indiana Army National Guard and the 3-19th Agribusiness Development Team for support of our mobilization to OEF.  Because of your assistance, expertise and can-do attitude, the 3-19th ADT will continue to be successful and combat ready to deploy to Afghanistan in 2010.  Your professionalism and generosity brings great credit upon yourself, the Indiana National Guard and the United States Army.”

Colonels Colbert and Millsaps both expressed their appreciation for the faculty assistance.  They indicated that they would welcome visits from Purdue faculty in Khowst Province once they are in the field.