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News : Entomology Faculty and Staff Promotion

Entomology Faculty and Staff Promotion
Purdue Agriculture in Focus

Congratulations to the faculty and administrative and professional staff members who have been advanced in rank beginning with the next fiscal year.

Faculty Promotions

From Associate to Professor
Bruce P. Bordelon, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
J. Andrew DeWoody, Forestry & Natural Resources
Greg J. Hunt, Entomology
Joseph M. Irudayaraj, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
William G. Johnson, Botany & Plant Pathology
Clifford F. Weil, Agronomy

From Assistant to Associate
Corinne E.N. Alexander, Agricultural Economics
Ryan A. Cabot, Animal Sciences
Jennifer L. Dennis, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Ann L. Kirchmaier, Biochemistry
Neil A. Knobloch, Youth Development & Ag Education
Chang Lu, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Zoltan Machaty, Animal Sciences
Maria I. Marshall, Agricultural Economics
Nathan S. Mosier, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Devdutta S. Niyogi, Agronomy
Marisol SepĂșlveda, Forestry & Natural Resources

From Associate Clinical/Professional Professor to Clinical/Professional Professor
Kenneth A. Schuette, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Adjunct Promotions
Charles H. Michler, Adjunct Professor, Forestry & Natural Resources
Steven R. Scofield, Adjunct Associate Professor, Agronomy

Tenure Only
Indrajeet Chaubey, Associate Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Administrative/Professional Staff Promotions

To Rank 6
Joan E. Crow, Agricultural Communications Service
Jeffrey L. Fields, Animal Science Research Center
Dee E. Flynn, Agricultural Information Technology
Paul J. Jones, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Tammy L. Luck, Entomology
Gnanasiri S. Premachandra, Agronomy
Julie R. Stephens, Office of the Indiana State Chemist

To Rank 5
Scott M. Farris, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Gregore Koliantz, Agronomy
David C. Landreth, Agronomy
Paula J. Layden, Entomology
Colleen K. Martin, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Rakesh Patel, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Craig A. Personett, Youth Development & Agricultural Education
Jane E. Robertson, Youth Development & Agricultural Education
Gwen S. Shoemaker, Food Science
Stephen J. Swain, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Irene Szalasny, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
William L. Vollmer, Youth Development & Agricultural Education

To Rank 4
Ginger L. Batta, Agricultural Economics
Amy M. Deitrich, Botany & Plant Pathology
Ann M. Feil, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
William M. Kielhorn, Entomology
James A. Kruse, Center for Environmental & Regulatory Information Systems
Maud Roucan-Kane, Agricultural Economics
Mark A. Sobers, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Anton Terekhov, Food Science