Spring 2016 Thesis Defense Seminars


Date / Time

3/24 - 11:30 AM



4/7 - 1:00 PM


 4/11 - 1:00 PM


4/12 - 9:30 AM




Brittany Peterson
PhD Defense

Tim Luttermoser
MS Defense


Julie Speelman
PhD Defense


Kirsten Roe
MS Defense


Seminar Topic 

Investigating physiological collaborations between a lower termite and its symbionts

Nestmate recognition in odorous house ants: effects of social plasticity, urbanization, and laboratory maintenance

Everything you wanted to know about drainage ditches but were afraid to ask: assemblages, environmental drivers and bioindicators

 Tolerance as a novel mechanism of Hessian fly control on wheat
















WSLR 116 



WSLR 116

LILY 2012


SMTH 131









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