Don't Move Firewood
You could be killing our trees.
The Problem
Firewood can harbor tree-killing insect pests and diseases. Emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, and several other known invasive forest pests are moved much longer distances in firewood than they could ever travel on their own. Firewood movement may even transport new invaders that we are not aware of yet. Many pests and pathogens are very small or well hidden in firewood, and are extremely difficult to detect visually. The risk that long-distance firewood movement poses to Indiana's trees is great. Don't be the one to start a new infestation in your favorite forest!
IN Rules
Management and conservation of Indiana's natural and cultural resources is central to the mission of the IN Department of Natural Resources. In 2012, DNR adopted a new firewood rule, regulating what kinds of firewood may be brought into IN public lands. Firewood can only be brought into a state park, reservoir, state forest or state fish and wildlife area if:
  • It is kiln-dried scrap lumber.
  • It is from your home or other location in Indiana and has the bark removed. (Ideally, ½ inch of sapwood beneath the bark will also be removed.)
  • It is purchased from a department store, grocery store, gas station, etc. and bears a USDA compliance stamp.
  • It is purchased from a local firewood vendor outside the property and has a state compliance stamp with it.
  • It is purchased from the property campstore or on-site firewood vendor and has a state compliance stamp.
Movement of firewood into Indiana from another state is illegal unless it is purchased bearing a federal compliance stamp. Click here to learn more about firewood rules in Indiana.
Burn Safe
Ideally, you should purchase firewood as close as possible to where you plan to burn it. As a rule of thumb, 30 miles is the farthest wood should be moved, and less than 10 miles is ideal. Burn all the firewood you bring completely, and do not leave any for the next camper. Similarly, do not bring firewood back home with you. Be sure to tell your friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts not to move firewood, too! Check out for lots more information on how to burn safe.
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