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Seminar Topic

August 27
Jen Zaspel

Kevin Johnson
Illinois Natural History Survey                       

The tree of lice: the history of host-parasite coevolution

Sept 3
Ian Kaplan

Scott McArt
Cornell University

Pollinators and pathogens: the darker side of pollination

Sept 10

Sally Taylor
Purdue University

Effects of Imidacloprid on two parasitoids of the tobacco budworm and high-throughput of the tobacco thrips

Sept 17
Bridget Blood
Brian Aukema
University of Minnesota

Bark beetles and climate change: a story about the day we realized that Dendroctonus simplex wasn't so simple

Sept 24 Scott Williams
Purdue University
Sealed solutions
Oct 1
Mike Scharf
Tom Sparks
Dow AgroSciences

Nature inspired discovery - natural products as a source of ideas and inspiration for new insect control agents


Oct 8
Brittany Peterson


Nicole Gerardo
Emory University 


The intersection of symbionts, pathogens and defense in insect systems


Oct 15
Mike Scharf


Rebeca Rosengaus
Northeastern University


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: emergent properties of insect immunity


Oct 22
Josh Gibson


Rick Overson
Chicago Botanic Garden


Scent mediated diversification of flowers and moths across western North America: an investigation of the geographic mosaic theory of coevolution


Oct 29
Michael Garvey


Paul Ode 
Colorado State University


Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?: (or, can parasitoids influence plant defense traits against herbivores?)


Nov 5




Nov 12


Nov 19



Nov 26



Dec 3
Ian Kaplan



Dec 10


Osmun Award  



ESA Practice 





Jim Miller
Michigan State University


Purdue undergraduates

No seminar


No seminar 
No seminar

No seminar

Elevating IPM to the next level through analysis of the deeper meanings on insect captures in attractive traps









Seminars scheduled on Thursdays at 3:45 PM in the Roy L. Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research, Room 116.

****Osmun Award seminar in PFEN 241 - Deans Auditorium

Refreshments at 3:15 PM unless noted otherwise.




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