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Seminar Topic
January 16

Juli Carrillo
Purdue University                         

Specificity in the ecology and evolution of plant defense against herbivores: Identity and history

January 23

Smita Mohanty
Auburn University


January 30 Priya Rajarapu
Purdue University

Molecular characterization of the interaction between emerald ash borer, an invasive wood-boring beetle, and its novel and coevolved ash host species

February 6 Christine Picard

Use of genomics in bridging basic and applied research areas of forensic entomology

February 13 Juergen Gadau
Arizona State University
Evolutionary genomics of speciation and adaptation in social and solitary Hymenoptera
February 20 Brian Schneider
Dow AgriSciences

Entomologists evolving in a Big Data World - a survival guide

February 27 Dieudonne Baributsa
Purdue University
Reducing grain storage losses in developing countries - lessons learned!
March 6 Eric Benbow
University of Dayton

Emerging Multidisciplinary Research Efforts in Carrion Ecology and Forensic Entomology

March 13 Evan Preisser
University of Rhode Island

 Hemlock scale, woolly adelgid, and eastern hemlocks: can a herbivore ever be "helpful"?\

March 27 Corrie Moreau
Field Museum of Natural History
Ants, Plants and Bacteria: A Tale of Evolutionary Diversification

April 3



April 10


April 17*


April 24


May 1

Dennis VanEngelsdorp
University of Maryland

Yoonseong Park
Kansas State University


Wendy Wintersteen
Iowa State University



Jay Brunner
Washington State University

Use of epidemiological methods to understand and reduce honey bee losses 

Neural control of tick salivary glands
 Meeting current and future challenges in agricultural colleges
 Brooke Richards; Parker Denny; Jeff trembacki; Caryn Michel





Seminars scheduled on Thursdays at 3:45 PM in the Roy L. Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research, Room 116.

Refreshments at 3:15 PM unless noted otherwise.

Wendy Wintersteen seminar in Dean's Auditorium 



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