CurrentAll upcoming events plus events from the previous month. Mar 30 02:48:36 EDT 2023Ag-Events - Cascade CMS1650f120bb8ac1e8ce124ff261e39842587Learning From Leaders Office of Academic Programs and Purdue Ag Week are co-hosting this semester's Learning from Leaders seminar. The speaker will be Jay Akridge who is the Trustee Chair in Teaching and Learning Excellence and Professor of Agricultural Economics...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall of Academic Programs765-494-8470CATE@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesc1ea1ef5ac1e8ce157347870c1efdb28Forestry and Natural Resources Poster Competition fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Mo Zhou765-494-3098mozhou@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesa2a7a498ac1e8ce13305ca5c068e3610Distinguished Agriculture Alumni (DAA) FNR Reception Forestry and Natural Resources cordially invites you to join in recognizing our 2023 Distinguished Agriculture Alumni award recipient, Emmanuel Frimpong, Professorat Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, Ph.D '05...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt715 W. State Street,West Lafayette IN, 47907Telaina Minnicus7654943590tminnicu@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources9b4bc2aaac1e8ce13305ca5c9b46b27fBiological Education Seminar Series Stoczynski765-494-4408lstoczyn@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources7bc33db1ac1e8ce114f735d9c0f9b3cfWorld Water Day Water Day is on 22 March every year. It is an annual United Nations Observance, started in 1993, that celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2 billion people currently living without access to safe water. A core focus of World Water...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources9b33944dac1e8ce13305ca5c9b107953Understanding Virulence in Honey Bee Health Entomology Seminar fa-map-marker-altWhistler Hall of Agriculture Weber765-494-8392weber77@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesc1d698c7ac1e8ce1573478708b3d3481Invasive Species Tree of Heaven Live Webinar ReportINvasive for a program on invasive species tree-of-heaven, featuring Lenny Farlee, Purdue Forester! You can register by going to We look forward to seeing you online!falsefalsefalseBob Bruner, Exotic Forest Pest Educator812.448.9041rfbruner@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesbcb9304cac1e8ce15734787099c68c4fInternational Society of Forest Resource Economics Symposium fa-map-marker-altDr. Xufang Zhang662-617-5391Xufang.Zhang@tfs.tamu.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources1f8e3c7bac1e8ce1108ff21d17913f82Endangered Species Day National Wildlife Federation spearheaded the establishment of Endangered Species Day by Congress, and we take this opportunity each year to share the importance of wildlife conservation and restoration efforts for all imperiled species. It is...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources1f75b171ac1e8ce1108ff21de9ba44fbNational Outdoor Day‘Great Outdoors Week’ began under President Clinton in 1998 and has grown under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations into a month-long celebration of the outdoors. Since 2008, governors from across the country have joined in designating June...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources1f5d2305ac1e8ce1108ff21d7292357dBlack Vulture Livestock Conflicts Vultures are nature's clean-up crew, serving an important ecological role in disease management and food web systems. However, black vultures have been documented to prey on newborn livestock. The increasing population and northward spread...falsefalsefalseBrian MacGowan765-647-3538macgowan@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources1f4772edac1e8ce1108ff21df08f7351Learn and Burn Woodland Prescribed Fire Workshop Forestry and Wildlife professionals for an introduction to prescribed fires in woodlands. The workshop will cover the benefits of prescribed fire for forest regeneration and wildlife, safety considerations when using prescribed fire,...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt1007 N 725 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906Jarred Brooke, Extension Wildlife Specialist765-494-8459jmbrooke@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources810e1a99ac1e8ce114f735d95cb7f473Community Nature Day the greater Lafayette, Indiana, community to partake in environmental activities and learn more about the local ecosystems.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt1007 North 725 West, West Lafayette, IndianaRuby Sanders765-494-7477rgsander@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources045fdbcbac1e8ce124ff261eaa341c78Science-i Global Webinar Series Dr. Chemuku Wekesa Liang7654960254jjliang@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources0eb55c3fac1e8ce124ff261e497e68f8Science-i Global Webinar Series Dr. Florence Palla Liang7654960254jjliang@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesd87a0d5dac1e8ce157347870c51ac8c9National Go Fishing Day Go Fishing Day on June 18th each year encourages us to drop a line – in the nearest stream, pond, lake, or river. Taking a break from our daily routine to bait a hook and catch some fish can be a relaxing endeavor.truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesc1d8ed62ac1e8ce157347870d61a2909Spring Fling fa-map-marker-altMemorial Mall Hanson+1 765-49-47397carrie@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources0486828bac1e8ce124ff261e93dbf776Thesis Defense Cameron Dow fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Getson765-494-1553jgetson@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources01833f7eac1e8ce158bb0d7e15cdb4d6Purdue Animal Sciences Blood Drive of AgricultureAnimal Sciencesff90a2c9ac1e8ce158bb0d7e8843bd3aScience-i Global Webinar Series Dr. Mbuvi Musingo Webinar Series Dr. Mbuvi Musingofalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altJingjing Liang7654960254jjliang@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources411af748ac1e8ce14f92281747826964Peru - International Engagement in Agriculture established partner relationships, students will work with international partners to address identified challenges to learn the principles of extension methodology and sustainable community development by integrating their discipline...truefalsefalse in Peru with a llamaJeneen Fields765-494-8368jeneenfields@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agricultured886b5edac1e8ce157347870e299e2b6World Oceans Day Ocean Day rallies the world for ocean and climate action on 8 June and throughout the year. We work in partnership with youth leaders, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other youth-focused organizations, as well as a huge range of diverse...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesd8843c08ac1e8ce157347870a3536e98World Environment Day is the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day. This year the host is Côte d'Ivoire in partnership with the Netherlands. Over the past five decades, the day has grown to be one of the largest global platforms for environmental outreach....truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesd8823aa8ac1e8ce1573478705c1d11dfNational Pollinator Week Week is an annual celebration in support of pollinator health that was initiated and is managed by Pollinator Partnership. It is a time to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them. The...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesd877ba8dac1e8ce157347870b551046dInternational Day for Biological Diversity United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. When first created by the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly in late 1993, 29...truefalsefalseSecretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity514-288-2220secretariat@cbd.intCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesc7a75bbdac1e8ce157347870f8217ef7Purdue Food Science 40th Anniversary Networking Event Caffee765-496-4051mjcaffee@purdue.eduAlumniCollege of AgricultureFood Sciencec2ef6214ac1e8ce1573478706d3d90fdIndiana's Invasive Invertebrate Pests Indiana's Invasive Invertebrate Pests event starts with Bob Bruner, Exotic Forest Pest Specialist, as he will share about Asian jumping worms and how they have invaded Indiana and the serious implications they have for soil health in gardens,...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt5170 E. Poplar Stree, Terre Haute, IN 47803Bob Bruner, Exotic Forest Pest Educator812-448-9041rfbruner@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesbcf28029ac1e8ce157347870612168a9Biology Education Seminar Series Dr. Melissa McCartney Melissa McCartney, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biological Sciences and STEM Transformation Institute at Florida International University, will be presenting for the Biology Education Seminar Series March 24th from 1 pm to 2 pm.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altLauren Stoczynski765-494-4408lstoczyn@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesc1eabd47ac1e8ce1573478708c12b711Forestry Field Day at Martell Forest us for the Forestry Field Day at Martell Forest, Saturday, March 25, 2023, 9 am to noon Eastern Time. This program will cover tree ID basics, forest biology, and some forest management practices demonstrated at Martell Forest. No fee or prior...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt1007 N 725 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906Lenny Farlee, Extension Forester765.494.2153lfarlee@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesc1a26643ac1e8ce157347870ef22f1c7Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) Lake Michigan Fisheries Workshop the Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) for a seminar on the latest fish biology, ecology, and fisheries science happening in lake Michigan. Topics will include the economics of sportfishing, the importance of coastal wetlands to yellow perch,...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altWillmette Harbor Club 20 Harbor Drive Wilmette, Illinois 60091College of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesbb89e2d7ac1e8ce1573478702cfc4a00Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) Lake Michigan Fisheries Workshop the Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) for a seminar on the latest fish biology, ecology, and fisheries science happening in lake Michigan. Topics will include the economics of sportfishing, the importance of coastal wetlands to yellow perch,...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altWillmette Harbor Club 20 Harbor Drive Wilmette, Illinois 60091College of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources36f9d887ac1e8ce157b22b9ad59f12ffIndiana Society of American Foresters Winter Meeting Society of American Foresters Winter Meetingfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altAbe Martin Lodge Oehlman(513) 659-9251eoehlman@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesbcde32d3ac1e8ce157347870a6e706c0Institute for Sustainable Future’s Great Lakes Science Initiative Dr. Jacob Hosen processes; environmental sensing; biogeochemistry; ecohydrologyfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altWilmeth Active Learning Center Troy765-494-6814troy@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources9e2f6898ac1e8ce13305ca5cb840e5e7Biology Education Seminar Series Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty Education Seminar Series Dr. Elizabeth Flahertyfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altLilly Hall of Science Stoczynski765-494-4408lstoczyn@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources9b76a773ac1e8ce13305ca5cfcfc21f6Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture and Natural Resources fa-map-marker-altBeck Agricultural Center Craig765-494-6030bacraig@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources1614530cac1e8ce171e39bffc99a414bSpring Vacation of the Registrar765-494-6165registrar@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentForestry & Natural Resourcesb7e51df1ac1e8ce15734787033ae9b7fWabash Bash Bash 2023falsefalsefalseAlumniAgriculture Alumnib7957d20ac1e8ce157347870b2a46ff7Purdue Day in Chicago Day in ChicagofalsefalsefalseAlumniAgriculture Alumnia2fe5c7cac1e8ce13305ca5cfc1dfc1bAg Spring Commencement Reception Spring Commencement Receptionfalsetruefalse of AgricultureAgriculture Alumnia35af9e5ac1e8ce13305ca5ce28e112eDEPT OF ENTOMOLOGY SEMINAR | DR. LEWIS BARTLETT LEWIS BARTLETT Purdue University MARCH 2, 2023 | WSLR 116 & Zoom | 3:45-5:00 P.M.falsefalsefalse 2 infoResearchEntomologya3188e8aac1e8ce13305ca5c1089f028Fall Board Meeting Board MeetingfalsefalsefalseAlumniCollege of AgricultureAgriculture Alumnia315cf33ac1e8ce13305ca5c9255426bSpring Board Meeting Board MeetingfalsefalsefalseAlumniCollege of AgricultureAgriculture Alumnia30bc36fac1e8ce13305ca5ce84f5931Pioneer Village auction auction last day of State Fair 2023falsetruefalseAlumniCollege of AgricultureAgriculture Alumni9b602f01ac1e8ce13305ca5cfb38c43cLeaderShape Catalyst Retreat fa-map-marker-altPurdue University ABE Brown(765) 476-9035brow1688@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources7bbdd9edac1e8ce114f735d993e030d2World Forestry Day/International Day of Forests United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests in 2012 to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. Countries are encouraged to undertake local, national, and international...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources747f1d2eac1e8ce16b9e6b1b7418e6762nd U.S. Precision Livestock Farming Conference (USPLF 2023) of AgricultureDigital Agriculture75e00639ac1e8ce16b9e6b1ba6e870ccUSDA NIFA AI in Agriculture: Innovation and Discovery to Equitably Meet Producer Needs and Perceptions of AgricultureDigital Agriculturef56c1f43ac1e8ce1351290f883e7cf11College of Ag Spring Career Fair Career Fair Volunteersfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altCo-Rec Career Fair765-494-3981agcareerfair@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources7a204c3dac1e8ce114f735d9eaaad079Indiana Deer and Turkey Expo anyone possessing a hunting pulse with enough of the latest and greatest gear, information, outfitters, and inspiration to last an entire season. Renfro Productions is the most trusted and respected name in the sports show industry!falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altIndiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 E 38th St Indianapolis, IN 46205College of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources8798af91ac1e8ce114f735d9687b5fccDEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. JENS RISTER 2023 Book Harmon Leadership Forum of AgricultureAnimal Sciences665ab5b2ac1e8ce114a05739b3fe58c2Spring Undergraduate Research Conference Undergraduate Research Conferencefalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altElizabeth Byers-Doten(765) 494-8476ebyers@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources79ab3e73ac1e8ce16b9e6b1bea39b9a62023 Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture and Natural Resources Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture and Natural Resources May 15-18, 2023 Purdue University West Lafayette, INtruefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureDigital Agriculture75ec3d73ac1e8ce16b9e6b1bcc2c3a57DEPT OF ENTOMOLOGY SEMINAR | DR. AARON SMITH AARON SMITH Purdue University FEBRUARY 23, 2023 | WSLR 116 & Zoom | 3:45-5:00 P.M.falsefalsefalse 23 infoResearchEntomology75e3eebeac1e8ce16b9e6b1b62141d28Tech Hub Live Conference and Expo of AgricultureDigital Agriculture664433f6ac1e8ce114a05739ddea007fDistinguished Agriculture Alumni (DAA) Reception and Convocation fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Frakes(765) 496-7894rhersked@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources1f2ef988ac1e8ce11be55447f18ccc17Grappling with wildfire risk across scales FNR Seminar Matthew Hamilton Seminar Matthew Hamiltonfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altWhistler Hall of Agriculture Williams7654963622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources65c9e762ac1e8ce114a057398728c0e2Dinner with Ecological Sciences and Engineering 2023 Symposium Keynote Speaker fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Ledman765-494-5865aledman@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources5a6a5e3bac1e8ce151594a2ae2d92f4eSweden, Finland, Norway - International Natural Resources is a joint course for students from North Carolina State University, Swedish University for Life Sciences (SLU), and Purdue. Topics that will be studied are forestry, fishing, and wildlife challenges and opportunities. Students will gain a...truefalsefalse in Sweden studying in natureBarny Dunning765-494-3565jdunning@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture68d4243aac1e8ce114a05739642aeb1fFarewell Party for Dr. Jason Henderson, Dr. Jason Henderson, Senior Associate Dean & Director of Purdue Extension for his service to Purdue University and wish him well in his new role at Iowa State University.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altBeck Agricultural Center 4550 US 52 W, West LafayetteCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources6664786cac1e8ce114a05739fcad4df3College of Agriculture & College of Engineering Joint Poster Session of Agriculture & College of Engineering Joint Poster Sessionfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altMarriott Hall Smith(765) 494-0824smit2732@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources3705784eac1e8ce157b22b9a9836977eBe an Agriculture Ambassador an Ag AmbassadorfalsefalsefalseAgricultural Administration Building(765) 494-8470agoap@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources5bc7a88eac1e8ce114a05739f14e97beDEPT OF ENTOMOLOGY SEMINAR | CHRISTINE J. PICARD J. PICARD IUPUI FEBRUARY 16, 2023 | WSLR 116 & Zoom | 3:45-5:00 P.M.falsefalsefalse 16 infoResearchEntomology55344566ac1e8ce114a05739d85c127eDepartmental Seminar - Dr. Nathan Horn of AgricultureAnimal Sciences48ab97a2ac1e8ce157b22b9aa52bb5f52023 Livestock Judging Reunion Adams765.496.1866adams162@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureAnimal Sciences48a020c5ac1e8ce157b22b9ac0714978Manure Management and Utilization Workshop of AgricultureAnimal Sciences44bb7090ac1e8ce14f9228177178b033New Zealand - Agriculture, Natural Resources and Culture in New Zealand,-natural-resources-and-culture-in-new-zealand.html2023-05-14T00:00-04002023-05-28T00:00-0400New Zealand's bountiful natural wonders are on display during this fifteen day experience.truefalsefalse in New ZealandPeter Hirst765-494-1323hirst@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture7bb1874aac1e8ce114f735d975ec6a66World Wildlife Day Wildlife Day will be celebrated in 2023 under the theme"Partnerships for wildlife conservation", honoring the people who are making a difference. This upcoming year, the UN celebrates a special partnership: the 50th anniversary of...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources37588c39ac1e8ce157b22b9a4db1725cSouthern Exposure country's national parks are magnificent, but did you know you can see some of the natural features for which they are famous right here in Indiana?falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altThyen-Clark Cultural Center, 100 Third Ave, Jasper, IN 47546Dubois County Soil & Water812-482-1171duboisswcd@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources381e4145ac1e8ce157b22b9af1cb4d9bJunior Pork Day at Purdue Brian Richert765.494.4837brichert@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureAnimal Sciencese2182b33ac1e8ce142594c68ff263074Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources Career Fair Forestry and Natural Resources Career Fairfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPurdue Stewart Center Mayer765-494-7306wendymayer@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources2c7fd917ac1e8ce157b22b9a032d357aSpecial Guests-Career Opportunities Guests-Career Opportunitiesfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altForestry Building Room 216 Hillman(765) 494-3625hillmad@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources282bc41bac1e8ce157b22b9a7b429326Small Farm Education Field Day & Landscape Architecture191cc91fac1e8ce11be5544776b977132023 Olinger Lecture of AgricultureStudentHorticulture & Landscape Architecture190d3cc4ac1e8ce11be55447dee14b48Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Field Day & Landscape Architecture1354d65eac1e8ce11be55447bf97444eDEPT OF ENTOMOLOGY SEMINAR | DR. VIKKI WEAKE VIKKI WEAKE Purdue University FEBRUARY 2, 2023 | WSLR 116 & Zoom | 3:45-5:00 P.M.falsefalsefalse 26 infoResearchEntomologyffe0f895ac1e8ce1351290f8170df72cIntroduction to Hardwood Lumber Quality/Grading - Hardwood University Workshop this workshop, the experts will discuss the basic overview of reasons for grading lumber, the measurement of boards, and NHLA lumber grading rules. The limited practice of grading sample boards. Discuss how log quality affects lumber grade and...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPurdue University 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907Ashley Tandy, IHLA Dir. of Communications317-288-0008ashleyt@ihla.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesb724d328ac1e8ce1244db274d1ff00dfMobilizing Agronomic Knowledge, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesc3f3fa2aac1e8ce1383a840e2725e6e4Why Research Needs Outreach (And Outreach Needs Research) in the 21st Century: A story of Atlanta's Wildlife FNR Seminar Michel Kohl Seminar - Michel Kohlfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Williams765-496-3622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesddc7921aac1e8ce15ce19a200939f533Earth Day Celebration Marion County 2023 Earth Day with the City of Marion Parks Department and Marion Utilities. Come out for food, fun, and free prizes!falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altCity of Marion | Parks & Recreation 301 S. Branson St., Marion, IN 46952Taylere of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesecc7774fac1e8ce1351290f82782beefIndiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute Indiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute is a multi-day professional development workshop that will bring 18 teachers from across the state to Morgan-Monroe State Forest to see firsthand how forestry works in Indiana. Sessions include...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altMorgan Monroe State Forest Training Center, Martinsville, IN 46151Donna Rogler NRTI Coordinator317-402-2624TreeladyIN@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcescd61a93eac1e8ce1459915e5fb4d80ceOhio River Valley Woodland and Wildlife Workshop workshop is an annual event for landowners in the tri-state area. Experts from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky collaborate each year to put together a program that is geared toward meeting landowners' needs. Topics often include those...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altOasis Conference Center, 902 Loveland-Miamiville Rd, Loveland, OH 45140Ohio Woodland Stewards Program614-688-3421ohiowoods@osu.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources5e527b03ac1e8ce16232b963cf08e334Stored Product Protection Conference is supporting this event which will feature many from the CoA and faculty from the ENTM department. The conference is sponsored by Insects Limited and ENTM alumnus Dave Mueller.truetruefalse infoCollege of AgricultureEntomologyf5726b61ac1e8ce11aa22358241e677bForest Management for the Private Woodland Owner Morgan County Workshop Management for the Private Woodland Owner provides 8 evening indoor sessions and 2 field tours providing information on the biology and management of Indiana woodlands. Instruction is provided by Purdue Extension specialists and natural...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altMorgan County Administration Building 180 S. Main Street Martinsville, IN 46151Lenny Farlee765-494-2153lfarlee@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesf56006feac1e8ce11aa223583f5613b0Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner Virtual Workshop online version of the Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner course provides registrants access to eight pre-recorded presentations covering forest biology, ecology and management on private woodlands. After viewing two or three...falsetruefalsefas fa-ticket-altVirtual Workshop Registration of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesf62f4baaac1e8ce11aa22358317d069bForest Management for the Private Woodland Owner cover nearly 20% of Indiana, and approximately 85% is in private ownerships like farms and families. Less than 20% of those owners have a forest management plan to guide them in the sustainable management of their property. Forests provide...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt806 Martinsburg Road, Salem, IN 47167Ron Rathfon812-678-5049ronr@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources5a854e6cac1e8ce151594a2a7fb7adf6Jamaica - Global Challenges in Jamaica in Jamaica students will explore teaching as a career, experience multicultural education, and encounter international agriculture.truefalsefalse in JamaicaLeslie Fairchild765-496-8155lfairch@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agricultureddb9c209ac1e8ce15ce19a20b1c08d00Hike and Plant Slide Show and evening slide show with Michael Homoya, retired Botanist and Plant Ecologist with Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Nature Preserves and author of several native plants illustrated field guides, including Orchids of...falsefalsefalseEmily Finch812-482-1171 Ext. 3Emily.finch@in.nacdnet.netCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesa6b895e1ac1e8ce1244db274105e6d3dDEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. KYLE COTTRELL Woodland Prescribed Fire Workshop Forestry and Wildlife professionals for an introduction to prescribed fires in woodlands. The workshop will cover the benefits of prescribed fire for forest regeneration and wildlife, safety considerations when using prescribed fire,...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altSouthern Indiana Purdue Agriculture Center 11371 E Purdue Farm Rd, Dubois, IN 47527Ron Rathfon812-678-5049ronr@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcescc29e142ac1e8ce1459915e5fed916f1Indiana Small Farm Conference 2013, the Indiana Small Farm Conference has been the premier annual event for Indiana’s small- and diversified-farm community — helping them experience continuing education and enjoy farmer-to-farmer networking.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altHendricks County Fairgrounds and Conference Center 1900 E. Main Street Danville, IN 46122Amy Thompson756-496-1930afthompson@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources87710df6ac1e8ce114f735d91e6d1990DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. PETER BEAL Overview of Digital Agriculture Research in the AIFARMS National AI Institute, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesb834e7ddac1e8ce1244db2743354a444High-Resolution High Speed Structured Light 3D Imaging for Close-range Applications, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesb82fb860ac1e8ce1244db2746faf6168Purdue's Open Ag Technology and Systems Center - Progress and Collaboration opportunities, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesb81cbe6cac1e8ce1244db274f38b6773Panel Discussion: Technology Adoption Insights from Stakeholders, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesb61eed07ac1e8ce1244db274d578aac0Research Stories about Drones and Precision Agriculture, Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture7654948392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesb530bfd4ac1e8ce1244db27419196209Sensing in Plant Science and Natural Resources: Decisions Driven by Big Data or Better Data? - Data-Driven Seminar Series Agriculture(765) 494-8392digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources83eba087ac1e8ce114f735d94918a09fDEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. ANDRZEJ WIERZBICKI Invasive Species Awareness Week American Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) 2023 is an international event to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat that they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. NISAW is powered by The North American...truefalsefalseElizabeth Brown414-215-0532ebrown@naisma.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7f1e8156ac1e8ce114f735d9cfdb6417National Environmental Education Week education is a process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem-solving, and take action to improve the environment. As a result, individuals develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7c7e7096ac1e8ce114f735d9275bbc34Earth Day American conversation about protecting the environment began in the 1960s. Rachel Carson published her attack on the indiscriminate use of pesticides, Silent Spring, in 1962. Concern about air and water pollution had spread in the wake of...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7bd5acd3ac1e8ce114f735d9e890c41aNational Wildlife Week National Wildlife Federation, America's largest and most trusted conservation organization, works across the country to unite Americans from all walks of life in giving wildlife a voice. We've been on the front lines for wildlife since 1936,...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7f0ff4c0ac1e8ce114f735d970af14bbArbor Day Arbor Day is April 28, 2023. Mark the occasion by participating in a local planting event in your area, walking in a local park and appreciating everything trees do for us, or making a donation to have more trees planted in areas where...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7f3354f2ac1e8ce114f735d9a7f1d49dWorld Planting Day International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13, plant lovers throughout the world get together to express their appreciation for these green oxygen machines. To properly honor this natural gift, the event also discusses the myriad benefits...truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources87c793dbac1e8ce114f735d9f8474dc5DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY, DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY JOINT SEMINAR | DR. ROB SCHUURINK,-department-of-botany-joint-seminar-dr.-rob-schuurink.html2023-04-19T15:30-04002023-04-19T16:30-0400falsefalsefalseResearchBiochemistry87c3d131ac1e8ce114f735d9b5d12584DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY AXELROD LECTURE | DR. JERRY WORKMAN OF BIOCHEMISTRY AXELROD LECTURE | DR. JERRY WORKMAN OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. ATHENA DAVENPORT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. SYED HUSSAIN OF BIOCHEMISTRY SEMINAR | DR. JESSICA FORTIN TICK Aware: Tick Prevention and Illnesses, IFWOA Webinar Indiana Forestry & Woodland Owners Association (IFWOA) on this webinar with LeAnne Barta of Indiana Lyme Connect. LeAnne Barta will share strategies for preventing tick bites and discuss the ticks of IN and the diseases they carry. Learn...falsefalsefalsefas fa-ticket-altRegistration Forestry & Woodland Owners Association765-496-5013ifwoa1@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7f296b30ac1e8ce114f735d94eb1d718Purdue Spring Fest tuned to the Purdue Spring Fest for more information about hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and cultural experiences.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPurdue University 615 W. State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907-2053College of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources7d0879beac1e8ce114f735d95cb97ec7Purdue Day of Giving of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources35304292ac1e8ce13966c19284ea78d7FNR Seminar-Cristian Canales Seminar-Cristian CanalesfalsefalsefalseTempess Williams7654963622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources3537e78cac1e8ce13966c192b121e519FNR Seminar-Carly Ziter Williams7654963622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources35256f44ac1e8ce13966c192a39933ccFNR Seminar-George Brooks Williams7654963622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesfcf38183ac1e8ce11aa223582d837005FNR Seminar-Brenna Forester Seminar- Brenna Foresterfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altPfendler Hall Williams765-496-3622tuwillia@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources79c3e7c7ac1e8ce114f735d9c907feedObserving Seasonal Change, IFWOA Webinar,-ifwoa-webinar.html2023-03-08T19:00-05002023-03-08T20:00-0500Phenology is a branch of science that has been called the study of the seasons. We are seeing changes in the timing of cyclical, seasonal lifecycle events of plants and animals in nature. Learn more about phenology, the changes we are seeing, and...falsefalsefalsefas fa-ticket-altRegistration Forestry & Woodland Owners Association765-496-5013fwoa1@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources558b7758ac1e8ce12b26f33a36723697Magnificent Trees of Indiana, IFWOA Webinar Indiana Forestry & Woodland Owners Association for a series of winter webinars to connect with nature. Registration is free and membership is not required. All webinars are 7 PM- 8 PM via Zoom. Author Carroll Ritter will discuss his book...falsefalsefalsefas fa-ticket-altRegistration Forestry & Woodland Owners Association765-496-5013ifwoa1@gmail.comCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources763b93d3ac1e8ce114f735d9329a3fbeWorld Wetlands Day Wetlands Day is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness about wetlands. This day also marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in 1971.truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources763100f1ac1e8ce114f735d937a83a10Indiana Green Expo 2023 Indiana Green Expo (IGE) is an annual three-day conference for professional turfgrass, landscape, and nursery managers as well as allied groups such as arborists and vegetation management firms. A typical program includes eight concurrent...truefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altIndiana Convention Center 100 S Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46225Midwest Regional Turf Foundation(765) 494-8039admin@mrtf.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources4655e7d0ac1e8ce13966c1924bcd1378Summer 2023 REEU Program at Purdue 2023 REEU Program at PurduefalsefalsefalseDennis Buckmaster765-496-9512digitalag@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources5952f329ac1e8ce151594a2a4559a67eEcuador - Environment and Culture in the Galapagos course will introduce the unique environments and the culture of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador while integrating ecological topics including biodiversity, adaptation and evolution, biogeography, endemicism, and conservation biology.truefalsefalse standing at the Equator in EcuadorElizabeth Flaherty765-494-3567eflaher@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture5aab8a8aac1e8ce151594a2af71d12f2France: Taste of France - Exploration of French Cuisine, Food Production, Small Business and Culture a taste of France while exploring Nice, Monaco, Provence, Lyon and Paris. Topics of study include local agricultural practices, small-scale sustainable food production, food-marketing, and international competition.truefalsefalse cooking in FranceAndy Oppy765-494-4256aoppy@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture5a9d6947ac1e8ce151594a2adb14a0ddSpain Know-How in the Agri-Food Industry how Spanish entrepreneur agrifood companies operate and how the properties and processing of food influence product performance. Participants will enjoy Mediterranean Lifestyle as locals do, will see where they work, shop, eat, relax and...truetruefalse paella food in Valencia, SpainTeresa Carvajal765-496-6438tcarvaja@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture5965370cac1e8ce151594a2a781d5e97Italy - Produzioni Animali: Exploring Animal Production in Italy livestock and poultry production in Italy. Program participants will visit dairy farms in the Alps, learn about swine production in Parma, and discover how water buffalo are used to produce mozzarella cheese in Lombardy.truefalsefalse in The Alps of Italy with Purdue flagElizabeth Karcher765-494-4829ekarcher@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture2ccf086bac1e8ce1582ad0b491f72d9fGreat Backyard Bird Count Event February, for four days, the world comes together for the love of birds. Over these four days, the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) invites people to spend time in their favorite places watching and counting as many birds as they can find and...truefalsefalsefas fa-ticket-altHow to Participate Site of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesfcf9a124ac1e8ce11aa2235828e3921fSpring Fest fa-map-marker-altAg Mall Agriculture765-494-8392afararre@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources17594d3dac1e8ce16e2b342c80be3d51Validation Workshop: Aseptic Processing and Filling of AgricultureExtensionFood Science1752d0f5ac1e8ce16e2b342cb60f88daBetter Process Control School of AgricultureExtensionFood Science17465233ac1e8ce16e2b342cc56cca83Aseptic Processing and Packaging Workshop of AgricultureExtensionFood Science0750107eac1e8ce16e2b342c71cfa1d3Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fry of AgricultureFood Sciencefcdc16edac1e8ce11aa22358fcdadb8aMidwest Fish & Wildlife Conference 83rd Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference will be hosted by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parksfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altOverland Park, KS Meeting & Event Management802-865-5202info@delaneymeetingevent.comCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesd0f2d881ac1e8ce1383a840e92f875f02023 Indiana Hardwood Lumber Association (IHLA) Convention & Exposition Hardwood Lumber Association (IHLA) is a relevant, member-driven trade association, whose members share a passion for creating the world’s finest hardwood products, and a determination to maintain the sustainable productivity of our...truefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altIndianapolis Downtown Marriott 350 W Maryland St Indianapolis, IN 46225 United StatesAshley Tandy317-288-0008ashleyt@ihla.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources16205c3eac1e8ce171e39bffe070d2d8Commencement (Second Division) & Natural Resourcesc404c7baac1e8ce1383a840eb41a7e93The Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fry Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fryfalsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altTippecanoe County Fairgrounds,+Lafayette+IN+47905Danica Kirkpatrick765-494-8593danica@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resourcesa884b0bcac1e8ce1189e46d41818ba22Kiln drying hardwood lumber Hardwood University Workshop this workshop the experts will discuss various methods and types of dry kilns, and their pros and cons. Learn to develop a kiln-drying schedule and a way to select and check kiln samples. Discuss lumber drying defects and how to prevent them.falsetruefalsefas fa-map-marker-altEdinburgh, INAshley Tandy, IHLA Dir. of Communications317-288-0008ashleyt@ihla.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resourcesa87d0d0dac1e8ce1189e46d459eca689Air Drying Hardwood Lumber Hardwood University Workshop this workshop the experts will discuss moisture content of wood, why drying is necessary, and various ways in which to dry lumber. Also, review principles of setting up a quality air-drying yard, proper lumber stacking, and basics of wood...falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altLogansport, IndianaAshley Tandy, IHLA Dir. of Communications317-288-0008ashleyt@ihla.orgCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources5aea630cac1e8ce16232b963a6632eddHardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center (HTIRC) Annual Meeting will be an in-person meeting at the Wright Forestry Center at Martell Forest. All HTIRC partners are welcome to attend. The Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center(HTIRC) mission is to advance the science and application of tree...truefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altWright Forestry Center at Martell Forest 1007 N 725 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906Matt Ginzel765-494-9369mginzel@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources40a41784ac1e8ce14f922817f5f0f878Costa Rica - Natural History in Costa Rica course offers students the opportunity to explore biodiversity and conduct field studies in tropical rainforest, Pacific dry forest, Pacific rock reef, and mangrove swamp ecosystems of Costa Rica.truefalsefalse in Costa Rican ParamoReuben Goforth269-967-7620rgoforth@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture416223acac1e8ce14f92281702c747b5Ireland: Exploring Rural Development in Ireland: Design Thinking and Placemaking study abroad program is focused on examining the factors that have and are influencing community development in Ireland. Through a holistic and experiential approach, participants will be immersed in examples of rural and urban Ireland and...truefalsefalse radio station interviewing student during St. Patrick's Day paradeMichael Wilcox765-494-7273wilcox16@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture416e27e9ac1e8ce14f92281797519ecfGreece - Discovering Agriculture, Food, History and the Culture in Greece,-food,-history-and-the-culture-in-greece.html2023-03-10T00:00-05002023-03-18T00:00-0400Join us this Spring Break as we journey to Greece to learn about the agriculture, food, history and culture of this unique country, prominently situated in the culturally-important Mediterranean Basin.truefalsefalse picture in Greece with trees, water, entrance gateAshley York765-494-4843ashleyyork@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculturee22535f9ac1e8ce142594c688bb27e2aWomen in Agriculture Conference in Agriculture ConferencefalsefalsefalseElysia Rodgers260-925-2562eberry@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureForestry & Natural Resources407da658ac1e8ce14f922817a0bdd0d7Costa Rica - Agricultural, Environmental & Community Sustainability in Costa Rica,-environmental-community-sustainability-in-costa-rica.html2023-03-11T00:00-05002023-03-19T00:00-0400Visit coffee, pineapple, and cacao farms | Arenal Volcano | Hike and learn about tropical rainforest ecology | Encounter river rafting and natural hot springs | Snorkel Pacific waters|Visit Marino Ballena National Park | Experience tasty Tican...truefalsefalse in Costa Rica at waterfallElizabeth Byers-Doten765-494-8476ebyers@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture40f5435aac1e8ce14f92281731fd1aedIreland - Agriculture in Ireland about Irish culture, history, food processing, agribusiness and farming while visiting the sights of Ireland.truefalsefalse in Ireland at castleJohn Lumkes765-494-1173lumkes@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture5e4102a7ac1e8ce13e936a0c71b2ba3dRed & Gray Fox Indiana Hunting Season dates: Oct. 15, 2022 - Jan. 31, 2023, Hunting dates: Oct. 15, 2022 - Feb. 28, 2023. For full list and more information view the Indiana 2022-2023 Hunting & Trapping Season list. Check out the 2022-2023 Hunting & Trapping Guide.truefalsefalseCollege of AgricultureExtensionForestry & Natural Resources4159ecc1ac1e8ce14f9228177731f5eaHawaii - Discovering Agriculture, Food, History and Culture of the Hawaiian Islands,-food,-history-and-culture-of-the-hawaiian-islands.html2023-03-11T00:00-05002023-03-19T00:00-0400To expose students to the diversity of agricultural products and practices in the Hawaiian Islands. Students will also be able to experience rich American history.truefalsefalseAshley York765-494-4843ashleyyork@purdue.eduCollege of AgricultureStudentInternational Programs in Agriculture247cfaedac1e8ce10a9796dcf57f8ad4Commencement & Natural Resources247bc728ac1e8ce10a9796dc2e179f04Summer 2023 Summer Module ends & Natural Resources2478ac62ac1e8ce10a9796dc641faec4Final Exams for Second 8-Week Summer Module & Natural Resources2476a8a6ac1e8ce10a9796dcce1d77eeThird 4-Week Summer Module begins & Natural Resources2474d92cac1e8ce10a9796dc5a13b0d6Second 4-Week Summer Module ends & Natural Resources24737d1fac1e8ce10a9796dca7bb97c6First 8-Week Summer Module ends & Natural Resources246b961dac1e8ce10a9796dcdf16429fIndependence Day Holiday Observed & Natural Resources2469a030ac1e8ce10a9796dc48ebc530Second 8-Week Summer Module begins & Natural Resources2468387cac1e8ce10a9796dc9604c770Second 4-Week Summer Module begins & Natural Resources24666388ac1e8ce10a9796dcaf1ffce8First 4-Week Summer Module ends & Natural Resources162d1adcac1e8ce171e39bff96294198Summer Module Classes Begin & Natural Resources162a7a17ac1e8ce171e39bff3a335375Memorial Day & Natural Resources161d8123ac1e8ce171e39bff0f51bd6cSemester Ends & Natural Resources161ad2eaac1e8ce171e39bff621ecebeFinal Exam Week & Natural Resources16195fc2ac1e8ce171e39bff2b6d988eClasses End & Natural Resources1616f5d4ac1e8ce171e39bfffdae5a27Schedule of Classes Published for Fall 2023 & Natural Resources160ba352ac1e8ce171e39bffec2ba1acSecond 8-Week Courses Begin & Natural Resources