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First Aid/CPR Classes for FNR Faculty and Staff

If you are faculty member with a student(s) performing remote field work, they are required to be certified. Instructors of field-based lab courses, participating TAs are also required to be certified. Policy regarding First Aid and CPR certification provided below:

  • FNR staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and employees are encouraged to be First Aid/CPR certified.
  • Individuals working alone on “remote” sites are required to be First Aid/CPR certified. Where groups of individuals are working in close proximity (i.e., within earshot) on a “remote” site, at least two individuals are required to be First Aid/CPR certified. A “remote” site is defined as any location where emergency personnel response greater than 15 minutes, as cited by REM.
  • All Teaching Assistants (TA’s) and instructors of field-based lab courses are required to be First Aid/CPR certified.
  • (Even if you are “only doing a couple of days” of remote field work, you are still required to be certified.)

If you are not currently certified and need to be, FNR is providing a free CPR/AED/First Aid Training Course. RSVP required; email Andy Coursey at

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