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The Role of Capacity for Collaboration in the Land-Grant System Virtual Workshop

Join this workshop to explore how capacity affects the ability of land-grant institutions and their faculty to join collaborations.

The ability of institutions and their faculty to participate in collaborations varies across the land-grant system, as do expectations for the benefits an institution receives from collaboration. Institutions use funds to support collaboration differently, in ways that can affect the nature of faculty participation. In some cases, there are no dedicated funds to support collaboration while in other instances, faculty members may be fully committed to teaching and other assignments that leave them without the capacity to engage outside their main responsibilities. Some schools are able to handle administrative responsibilities for large collaborative efforts, and others don't have the kind of infrastructure needed to be a fully invested partner.  This workshop session will explore how capacity affects collaboration from the perspective of individuals at three different kinds of land-grant institutions. 

The workshop session is open to the public. Email Samantha Sisanachandeng at with questions. To learn more about this project and view the workshop agenda, please visit the project webpage.

All can register on eventbrite to join this virtual workshop

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