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Bi-Annual E-Waste Day

The bi-annual e-waste event will b held at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. On this day there will be opportunities to recycle. The items to be expected to be taken care of is:

Electronice Recycling: Such as T.Vs,computer,laptops,vaccum cleaners, printers, etc. There are some unacceptable items which you can find on the Tippecanoe website.

Paper Shredding: There will be paper shredding truck and will accept up two banker boxes from each car. Paper clips,folders, and such are fine but it is advised to take out binders and alligator clips.

Medicine Take-Back: The Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department will also be ther to accepy unused or expired. Perscribed and over the counter are accepted. And there are exceptions to certain medications so view the website to find what is not allowed.

To find how to prepare and what is not allowed go to the Tippecanoe website.

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