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The Wildlife Society 29th Annual Conference

The Wildlife Society will convene its 29th Annual Conference this November, live and in-person for the first time in three years. Against the backdrop of Eastern Washington's mountains, Spokane is the perfect place to gather for a week of learning, networking and engaging with peers and colleagues from across North America and beyond.


  • Nov. 5-TWS Council Meeting, TWS Out in the Field, Dinner, Leadership Institute Welcome Session
  • Nov. 6-Workshops including: Animal Trapping, Close-kin mark-recapture: Theory & Practice, Animal Tracking, and First-Hand Experience of Forest Mgmt in Practice: A Visit to Mt. Spokane. This is just a few of the workshops available. Welcome reception will be at 7pm.
  • Nov 7-Celebrating Tribal Wildlife Mgmt, Certification Application Assistance, Ask a Biometrician workshop, Careers with Federal Agencies and much more.
  • Nov 8-REZ-E (Reciprocity an Enduring Zoogenic Ethic), A Future PI Training Session, Conservation & Ecology of Amphibians & Reptiles, Trade Show and much more.
  • Nov 9-Nurturing Trauma Informed Conservation Communities workshop, *Quiz Bowl, Biometrics & Population Monitoring II, How Humans Shape Large Mammal Behavior, Ecology and Fitness, New Technology: Method Evaluations and much more.
  • Nov 10-Conservation & Ecology of Birds, Planning & Policy, Designing Effective Avian Translocations, Spatial Ecology and Modeling, Climate Change: Habitat and Species Response, Transforming State Wildlife Mgmt to Be More Ecologically-Focused, Democratic and Compassionate and much more.

Partners include: USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services, National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs (NAUFWP), U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, American Public University (APU), Johns Hopkins University Press, Boone & Crockett Club and Vortex.

Come see Purdue Forestry & Natural Resources at our booth Sept. 20th-22nd. Join FNR students, faculty and staff as we enjoy our Boilermaker pride.

*Make sure you mark your calendars for the Quiz Bowl Nov. 9th and support our FNR students. We can't wait to see how our students place and see if they can win first place again.

For more information, updates and registration go to the The Wildlife Society (TWS) 29th Annual Conference website.

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