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Observing Seasonal Change, IFWOA Webinar

Phenology is a branch of science that has been called the study of the seasons. We are seeing changes in the timing of cyclical, seasonal lifecycle events of plants and animals in nature. Learn more about phenology, the changes we are seeing, and how you can help scientists learn more about phenology in Indiana while you are out enjoying nature.

Amanda Wanlass is the founder and Executive Director of Indiana Phenology. Amanda holds master’s degrees in Environmental Science and Public Affairs from Indiana University and is a Certified Local Phenology Leader through the USA-National Phenology Network.

Indiana Phenology is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to increasing the collection of local phenology data and to improving environmental stewardship in Indiana by empowering Hoosiers of all ages to participate in citizen science.

For more information please visit Indiana Forestry & Woodland Owners Association.

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