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Black Solider Flies for fish feed in Timor-Leste - Dr. Laura Ingwell

Assistant Professor of the Department of Entomology Dr. Laura Ingwell will be presenting September 21st at 3:45 pm. Dr. Laura Ingwell was given the chance to travel to Timor-Leste and work with farmers to implement black soldier fly production as a source of feed for aquaculture. During this seminar she will present information about the black soldier fly and its utility as a source of protein. Dr. Laura Ingwell will also share information about Timor-Leste, the aquaculture industry in the country, and how they are working to train farmers with the help of the Catholic Relief Service.

Location: Whistler Hall (WSLR) room 116 and vitrually on zoom.

Topic: Black Solider Flies for fish feed in Timor-Leste.

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