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Invasive Crayfish Collaborative Great Lakes Webinar

Join IISG on Monday, November 15th, as the Invasive Crayfish Collaborative presents another captivating installment in the Invasive Crayfish Collaborative Webinar Series. During this session, Dr. Brian Roth from Michigan State University and Kathleen Quebedeaux from Michigan Department of Natural Resources will provide insights into Michigan's control and monitoring strategies, offering an evaluation of their impact.

Learn more and register at

Central Time: Noon to 1pm. Eastern Time: 1pm to 2pm.

About Invasive Crayfish:
Invasive crayfish pose a substantial threat to aquatic habitats in the Great Lakes region because of their ability to reduce habitat quality and dramatically alter aquatic food webs. Currently, efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive crayfish consist largely of reducing the size of existing populations and encouraging people to refrain from releasing crayfish into new bodies of water. The Invasive Crayfish Collaborative (ICC) focuses on improving upon our collective management and outreach capabilities.

ICC brings industry, science, and land management stakeholders together to improve management of invasive crayfish in the Great Lakes region. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the Illinois Natural History Survey oversee and facilitate ICC, with funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

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