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Colombia-Multifaceted and Cultural Dimensions of Cartagena


  • Colombia | March 9-16, 2024
  • Credits: AGR 49300, 2 credits
  • Cost

Pamala Morris

Students will be provided with the necessary experience to understand the implications of cultural differences among nations, with regards to culture and cultural communication. Combining an academic component with real-world exposure to not only the culture of another country but its needs will serve to create a unique course that encourages personal and professional development. All students will gain a basic knowledge of the influence of cultural competency on successful international travel, marketing, education, and communication. Additionally, students will be exposed to the cultural history, tradition, and language of Colombia, and will broaden their cultural horizons through exposure to Latin American and Caribbean civilizations, its history, language, food, dance, and festivals. Students will also participate in common not-for-profit humanitarian activities, involving children at a public hospital, at a not-for-profit organization, and in an impoverished community. Students will gain knowledge of the cultural traditions of Colombia and Colombian business practices as well as the operation of not-for-profit organizations.



Callout: September 25th at 5:00 pm, Location: AGAD 128



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