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Student in Costa Rican Paramo

Costa Rica - Natural History in Costa Rica


  • Costa Rica | March 8-17, 2024
  • Credits: FNR 49800 - 2 credits
  • Cost in 2024: $3330 which includes airfare, accommodation, meals, entrance fees, transportation, international medical insurance.

Dr. Reuben Goforth
Dr. Barny Dunning

This course offers students the opportunity to explore biodiversity and conduct field studies in tropical rainforest, Pacific dry forest, Pacific rock reef, and mangrove swamp ecosystems of Costa Rica. Students will stay at multiple locations, including La Suerte Lodge and La Selva Biological Field Station in the tropical rain forest; Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge in the far north of the country; and Curu National Wildlife Refuge in the dry tropical forerst on the Pacific coast. Students will be expected to participate in all aspects of the trip, including extensive hiking in a variety of environments, snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, and early morning and night hikes for birds and amphibians/reptiles, respectively. Students certified in the use of SCUBA will have the opportunity to go on dives over the Pacific rock reefs along the Curu Peninsula. Particular emphasis will be given to visiting habitats to observe freshwater fishes, marine fishes and other sea life, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals (especially bats), and birds. A Costa Rican conservationist who has worked extensively as a bat biologist and tour leader in the country will also provide students with insights into Costa Rican culture and history while they are experiencing the incredible biodiversity of Central America!





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