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Students in Vietnam

Vietnam: Food Security & Environmental Challenges

Vietnam: Food Security & Environmental CHallenges

  • Vietnam | March 9-17, 2024
  • Credits: 3 credits - ANSC 49500
  • Cost for 2024: $3200 includes airfare, accommodation, entrance fees, international medical insurance, some meals
Elizabeth Karcher   
Are you ready to learn about international agriculture in a country that employs over 80% of its people in the agriculture industry? Participants on this 10 day, 3-credit program will explore the global challenge of increased human consumption of animal protein while studying how Vietnamese producers of livestock, poultry, crop, and fish are meeting this need. The program will meet weekly on Purdue’s campus during the Spring semester. We will examine food security and food safety issues in Vietnam as well as unique environmental challenges related to modern-day agriculture. Students will visit agricultural operations, interact with local producers, and meet with faculty and undergraduate students from Vietnamese agricultural universities. In addition to the opportunity to study agriculture abroad, Vietnam offers a rich cultural history. Students traveling on this program will visit the country’s capital, Hanoi, explore pagodas and local markets, hike in Mai Chau, and gain an appreciation for the Vietnamese way of life.
Callout: September 14th & September 28th @ 6:00 PM in CRTN 1042
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