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Nominations Are Being Sought for
Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards

Annually, the Purdue Women in Agriculture (WIA) Team recongizes Indiana women who are leaders and innovators and have contributed to the success of Indiana Agriculture.  Currently, the Purdue WIA Team is accepting applications for the 2019 Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards. Nominees will be placed in either the Leadership or Achievement categories for award considerations as deemed appropriate by the WIA Team.  Women who are interested in the award may nominate themselves, or be nominated by someone else.  Previous winners include women with integral roles in their personal and/or family farm business, corporate and non-profit leaders, educators, veterinarians, and women in public service roles.

 To learn more about the Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards, please view the award application.

New in 2019!
Emerging Women in Ag Leadership Award

The Emerging Women in Ag Leadership Award recognizes our high school and undergrad college students that are making an impact on agriculture.  This is the first year for this award and we encourage all those who are making impact in agriculture to apply.  Find out more about how to apply by downloading the Emerging Women in Ag Leadership Award application.

All Award Applications are Due by May 1, 2019.

Past Leadership Award Winners

2006 - Sue Alexander

2007 - Kenda Resler Friend
2008 - Beth Bechdol
2009 - Belinda Puetz
2010 - Carolyn Hegel
2011 - Susan Brocksmith
2012 - LuAnn Troxel
2013 - Dr. Marianne Ash
2014 - Elisha Modisett Kemp
2015 - Beth Archer
2016 - Lisa Chaudion
2017 - Jane Hardisty
2018 - Jane Ade Stevens

Past Achievement Award Winners

2007 - Sue Arnholt
2008 - Helen Witte
2009 - Kristi Kretzmeier
2010 - Louise Beaman
2011 - Stacy Pedigo
2012 - Tammi Unger
2013 - Deborah Jordan
2014 - Kerry Dull
2015 - Linda Baird
2016 - Sheryl Seib
2017 - Carrie Vollmer-Sanders
2018 - Jamie Schilmiller

2019 Award Application 

Deadline: May 1, 2019