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Women in Agriculture

Selling Online Using Hoosier Food Market Webinar

July 8, 2020
3:30 PM EST

Presenter: Ariana Torres
Ph.D., Purdue University

Dr. Torres will provide highlights on how to use Hoosier Food Market.

Hoosier Food Market was launched in June to support farmers ability to access local markets and
consumers ability to purchase local fruits and vegetables.

This webinar is free!

If you can't view the webinar live, please consider registering to receive a link to the recording.


Compassion Fatigue:  How to Be Empathetic
but not Carry the Weight Webinar Recording

Presenter: Angela Sorg
Purdue Extension Educator - DeKalb County

Stress occurs everyday on some level.  Some stress can be positive as it alerts us to larger issues and/or potential dangers.  Other stress can be negative and we can find ourselves sick, hurt, & overwhelmed do to it.  Most of us think of stress as intrinsic.  However, we do not typically think of how extrinsic stress affects us.

If you are typically a caretaker and you are "the one" most of your family, friends, & co-workers talk to about their own stress, you are at an increased risk of compassion fatigue.


When Your Income Drops:
Resources for Indiana Families

If economic misfortune strikes you or your family in the form of reduced income, is there anything you can do to minimize the hardship?  Yes!  Purdue Extension has a series of fact sheets that suggest a number of
steps you can take to maintain financial control


Navigating the SBA Disaster Funds
Webinar Recording
Did you know farmers are explicitly included as being eligible for Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance?  Find out more about these funding opportunities for farmers and other small businesses through this recorded webinar featuring Dr. Maria Marshall, Director of the Purdue Institute for Family Business.


Online Marketing Strategies With Low Budgets
Webinar Series

The Purdue Women in Agriculture Team is excited to offer this 3-session webinar series
featuring Ariana Torres, Assistant Professor in the Department of
Horticulture & Landscape Architecture and Department of Agricultural
Economics with Purdue University.

Best Practices in Online Marketing
Social Media 101
Saving Time Using Social Media Strategies


Making the Cut - Meat Masters
Learn about the best preparation methods for different cuts of beef and pork.  Registered Dietition and HHS Extension Educator, Abbi Sampson discussed ways to get the most nutrition and taste out of your meats!

​​WIA Email Group

Purdue Extension maintains an email group for women in agriculture. If you are not already subscribed, please send an email to to subscribe. If you have a question or problem, just send an email to the list for help. This is a moderated list and you will not receive junk email.