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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

In 2002, Purdue Extension hosted the first Midwest Women in Agriculture conference.  Due to its popularity over the next several years, the annual event led to the formation of the Purdue Women in Agriculture Team in 2006.  The team's goal is to help address the educational needs of women employed in or involved with the agricultural industry. The team is composed of Purdue Extension Educators and Specialists.


Team Members

Amy Alka - Extension Educator, Randolph County

Heather Bacher - Women 4 the Land

Lori Bouslog - Extension Educator, Vermillion County 

Ariana Torres Bravo - Extension Specialist

Meranda Rae Cooper - Extension Educator, Tipton County

Joelle Orem

Ed Farris - Extension Educator, Huntington County

Kelly Heckaman - Extnesion Educator, Kosciucko County, co-chair

Michele Jones - Extension Educator, Morgan County

Lindsey Moore - Farm Credit Mid-America

Jenna Nees - Extension Educator, Putnam County, co-chair

Bryan Overstreet - Extension Educator, Jasper County

Laurynn Thieme - Extension Educator, Delaware County

Beth Vansickle - Extension Educator, Madison County

Amber Wolfe


Our Team Mission

To recognize and empower women to fully integrate into agriculture.


Our Team Vision

The Purdue Women in Agriculture Team is committed to providing educational opportunities, current resources and a network of support to position all women for success in the agriculture industry through skill development, confident decision making and personal well being.​​​​​​