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Throughout the year, the Purdue Women in Agriculture Team periodically offers free educational webinars as an extension of the Women in Agriculture Conference. Below you will find a list of upcoming webinars and links to recordings of the past webinars.

Insights From Consumer Research That You Can Take Home To The Farm
  • November 17th @ 12:00 PM EST
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  • What consumer-derived lessons can we draw from non-traditional places to garner understanding and insights for those in agricultural business?  Dr. Nicole Widmar, Purdue University, will be presenting about Consumer Corner, where they derive insights from the consumer that you can take home to the farm!


Recorded Webinars

Pork: The No Hogwash Protein
  • Pork has many beneficial qualities that make it easy to incorporate into a balanced diet.  Cutting fat? The pork industry has reduced the amount of fat in pork by 16% from 30 years ago. Eating plant based? Plants can be the star of the show, but add a 3 oz side serving of pork for many beneficial vitamins and minerals. In this recording  Monica Nagele, MS/RD, and daugther of a Pig Farmer, discussed raising pigs, cooking pork and the health benefits.
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Recognizing Hazards Around the Farm
  • For generations we have known farming is not just an occupatin, but can also be a way of life.  Seeking to pass on this way of life to the next generation is one of our most important goals.  Passing on the ability to recognize hazards, and how to avoid them could be one of the most important pieces to pass on.  Hopefully in the future farming will become less dangerous.  Until then let's all take time to recognize hazards, and how to prevent accidents on the farming operation.
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Clear Choices Clean Water: Make a Difference
  • Clear Choices Clean Water is a program designed to increase awareness about the choices we make and the impacts they have on our streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.  By educating individuals on these actions and giving them the tools this program empowers everyone to do their part for water quality and conservation.
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Fall Gardening-Reaping the Benefits of Cool Weather
  • One of the easiest ways to get more out of your garden is by using the cool fall weather to your advantage.  You can do this by having a fall garden.  If you are interested in learning tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your fall garden, then consider participating in this webinar featuring Gina Anderson, Purdue Extension - Floyd County.
  • Link to Recording
Dairy: Good for the Gut! Remember Food Safety!
  • June is National Dairy Month!  Join us for a free webinar and learn about dairy food products and their safety implications.  Registered Dietitian and Extension Educator, Abbi Sampson will discuss ways to incorporate dairy into your diet!
  • Link to Recording
Beware!  Toxic Plants Are Out
  • While all plants may appear to be able to be eaten by our livestock, some plants contain dangers to our animal's health.  Join Elysia Rodgers and Brooke Stefancik, Purdue Ag and Natural Resource Educators, as they share about some of the toxic plants and their dangers found commonly across Indiana.
  • Link to Recording
Gardening Practices to Improve Soil Health - Urban, Community, & Small Farms and Gardens
  • All ways of growing food can be done via practices that help improve soil health.  Come learn and talk about some of these methods you can use in your farm and garden.  These are often called "Conservation Cropping Practices" that help create a soil health based system within our farms and gardens.  Join Eliana Blaine, Urban Soil Health Program Director, as she discusses no/low-till and cover cropping, crop rotation, mulching, nutrient management, and pest management.
  • Link to Recording
The Big Pine Creek Watershed Project
  • The Big Pine Creek Watershed with an 80+% row crop agriculture land use is an exciting example of diverse partnerships working together to improve cropland and improve water quality downstreams. Find out more about what a watershed is, how you can help your local watershed, and learn about the success that has occurred with the Big Pine Creek Watershed during this recorded webinar.
  • Link to Recording
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) Uses for Your Farm
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles - better known as UAVs or drones - are transforming agriculture.  Images from UAVs will track changes in crops over time.  There are many other uses for UAVs that may be beneficial for farm owners/operators including monitoring animals and viewing structures/property improvements.  Purdue Ag & Natural Resources Extension Educators, Crystal Van Pelt and Bill Horan, will share basic tips for utilizing UAVs in your farming operations. 
  • Link to Recording
First Steps in Succession Planning 
  • Has your family business developed a strategy to transition the business to the next generation?  Making decisions about the future of a farm or family business requires effective communication through every step.  Important considerations for businesses are aligning the goals on the incumbent and successor generations.  The Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team shared tips and first steps for transferring management and ownership to the next generation in this webinar.
  • Link to Recording
The In's & Out's of the Indiana Grown Program
  • Have you heard of the Indiana Grown program before?  Are you unsure of what it is?  Do you grow or sell a product that is developed in Indiana?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might consider participating in this webinar.  During this webinar, Heather Tallman explained what the Indiana Grown program is and how you can participate in it.  She also explained how you can find members of Indiana Grown to buy items from.  Additionally, an individual who actively participants in the Indiana Grown program tells you about their experience.
  • Link to Recording
Take Time for Your Health
  • Do you often find yourself saving "I don't have time for this?" Does your family, job, volunteer work, housework, responsibilities and hobbies make it seem impossible to live a healthy lifestyle.  Is your calendar too full to workout for 60 minutes a day?  Do you lack motivation and energy for exercise?  At the end of the day, do you feel too tired to fix a healthy meal?  No time for sickness?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this webinar might be what you need to make healthy choices without a huge time commitment. 
  • Link to Recording
Enhancing Your Land Leases
  • Take a look at additional leasing options that might interest land owners including how to incorporate conservation into a lease, pasture leases, and hunting leases.  These options might enhance leases you currently have in place or give you some basic ideas that you can use to obtain an additional funding source.
  • Link to Recording
Selling Online Using Hoosier Food Marketing
  • Dr. Ariana Torres provided highlights on how to use the Hoosier Food Marketing in this webinar. Hoosier Food Market was launched in June to support farmers ability to access local markets and
    consumers ability to purchase local fruits and vegetables.

  • Link to Recording
Compassion Fatigue:  How to be Empathetic but not Carry the Weight
  • Stress occurs everyday on some level.  Some stress can be positive as it alerts us to larger issues and/or potential dangers.  Other stress can be negative and we can find ourselves sick, hurt, & overwhelmed do to it.  Most of us think of stress as intrinsic.  However, we do not typically think of how extrinsic stress affects us.  If you are typically a caretaker and you are "the one" most of your family, friends, & co-workers talk to about their own stress, you are at an increased risk of compassion fatigue.
  • Link to Recording
Making the Cut - Meat Masters
  • Learn about the best preparation methods for different cuts of beef and pork.  Registered Dietitian and HHS Extension Educator, Abbi Sampson, discussed ways to get the most nutrition and taste out of your meats!
  • Link to Recording
Navigating the SBA Disaster Funds
  • Did you know farmers are explicitly included as being eligible for Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance?  This webinar featuring Dr. Maria Marshall, Director of the Purdue Institute for Family Business, talked about these funding opportunities for farmers and other small businesses through this recorded webinar.
  • Link to Recording
Online Marketing Strategies with Low Budgets Webinar Series
Pasture and Hay Field Renovations - The Do's and Don't
  • This webinar covered the best management practices associated with evaluating pastures and hay fields to see if they need renovation, and the steps to renovation.  It focused on practical ways to start pasture renovation, even for those on a budget.
  • Link to Recording
Livestock Guardian Animals 
  • Livestock Guardian Animals have been used for thousand of years to help protect animals from predators, but which type is right for your operation?  During this webinar,  Elysia Rodgers, Purdue Extension Educator will discuss the different type of livestock guardian animals, their traits, and decide what fits best for you.
  • Link to Recording
  • When viewing the recording, please move the time lapse bar slightly forward and hit play to get the recording to work.  
NCBA CLUSA Farmer-to-Farmer: Your Key to International Agriculture
  • During this webinar, we explored NCBA CLUSA's Farmer-to-Farmer Coffee Systems program in El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru.  If you have ever been inspired to volunteer; helping underserved farmers achieve economic empowerment, now is your opportunity.  Volunteer assignments will cover a range of topics, from horticulture, coffee, cacao to cooperative development, financial planning, marketing, etc. Learn how you can become a lifelong member of the Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Community supporting women in underdeveloped regions of the world.
  • Link to Recording
Sweet on Bees

  • This webinar took a look at Beekeeping for the Small Farm and the Bee-yond.  Ashley Adair, Purdue Extension Educator for Ag & Natural Resources in Montgomery County, guided participants through the wonderful world of beekeeping during this webinar.
  • Link to Recording
Weathering the Storm in Agriculture
  • Agriculture is an inherently risky business subject to many uncontrollable factors.  With poor weather this spring intensifying strains felt from consecutive years of record low prices, farmers are feeling the stress more intensely than in many years.  In addition to the health impact on the farm family, this chronic stress affects the farm's bottom line in other multiple ways.  This webinar will help farmers and their families understand the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, build skills in recognizing and responding to mental health concerns in themselves and others, and know where to go for more help and resources.  It includes resources about how to handle stress for a more productive mindset on the farm.
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