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The issue section should focus on the problem you are trying to solve, not the process. What prompted you to begin this work? How important is this issue to the people of your community, Indiana, or the nation?

What you've done:

This section should focus on the steps you took to address or solve the issue (as defined in the issue section). This should include processes and procedures, such as creating materials, organizing and conducting meetings, recruiting partners, and so on.


This section should describe how your program solved the issue you addressed in the issue section. Quantify progress, if you can. Tell how people benefited financially or socially because of your efforts. When possible, include anecdotes and specific examples. If you have a particularly memorable anecdote or example, repeat it in the "Impact Summary" section.

Impact summary:

This should be a brief summary of your whole project, beginning with a one-sentence description of the problem, another sentence that summarizes the "what you've done" section, and a one- or two-sentence summary of your program's impact in quantifiable terms.

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