​Extension Centennial Resources

In 2014, Purdue Extension celebrates the centennial of the Smith-Lever Act, which created the National Cooperative Extension System in 1914.

Information about the centennial and a toolkit that includes graphics and templates, as well as a Facebook cover page photo, are available at www.extension100years.net.

We also have created some centennial materials especially for Purdue Extension:

  • A centennial news release for counties
  • Graphics for T-shirts
  • Social media recommendations

Centennial News Release for Counties

This is a template for a county news release announcing Purdue Extension’s observance of the centennial of Extension.

Follow the template or use it as a guide. You can modify it to suit local needs. If you follow the template verbatim, fill in the “Xs” with the appropriate words. Afterward, be sure to delete the information in red.

A note about writing style: Purdue follows Associated Press style for news releases. One style point to keep in mind is that titles of positions stated after a name are lower case. Examples: John Smith, county Extension director; Jane Doe, county health and human sciences Extension educator. In nearly all cases, it is best to state titles after names, especially long titles.

You can delete sentences or paragraphs if you feel that the information provided is unnecessary or if you have other information to replace it. If you add a considerable amount of information to the template, it is strongly advised that you delete some of the material in the template for length. What you delete is your choice. A news release should not exceed two pages.

If you know how to provide hyperlinks, you can do that on first reference to your county in the first paragraph. Whether you provide a hyperlink or not, you should provide the full URL in the space provided in the penultimate paragraph.

Should you need any assistance, contact Keith Robinson (765-494-2722), coordinator of News and Public Affairs, Purdue Agricultural Communication.

Download the news release template (Word, size: 65KB)

Graphics for T-shirts

Below are links to the official graphics that you can print on T-shirts to celebrate the Cooperative Extension Centennial and Purdue Extension. You can download a PDF to see how these would look printed on a gray T-shirt.

Use these graphics only for shirts or other promotional materials. These graphics are not approved for use in any other printed or electronic materials.

Remember: you must use a licensed Purdue vendor to have any clothing made — the Purdue Licensee List is available here. For more information, check out the Trademarks and Licensing website set up by Purdue Marketing and Media.

Green, Black, and White Graphics

Extension centennial green T-shirt graphic
Although you may not be able to open these vector files, a licensed T-shirt vendor will be able to use them to create your shirts.

Green, black, white T-shirt Illustrator graphic (Size: 1.6 MB)

Black and White Graphic

Extension centennial black and white T-shirt graphic
Although you may not be able to open these vector files, a licensed T-shirt vendor will be able to use them to create your shirts.

Black and white T-shirt Illustrator graphic (Size: 1.9 MB)

Social Media Recommendations

Purdue Extension county offices and staff are encourage to repost and retweet Extension centennial stories. When you do, please use the hashtag #Ext100Years.

Please be sure to follow Purdue Extension on Facebook and Twitter and retweet or share posts that include the "Ext100Years" hashtag.

A Facebook cover photo featuring centennial graphics is availble from the national site.