Developing a County Marketing Plan

Each of Indiana's 92 counties has unique programs, individuals, audiences, and markets for those audiences. That means no one marketing plan will work for every office. In fact, there should be 92 different marketing plans - one for each county office.

Reasons for Developing a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan goes hand-in-hand with any organization's business plan. It's how you conduct business. A written marketing plan should:

  • Define your audience, and explain what you have to offer them.
  • Describe what you have that's unique to meet your audience's demand.
  • Outline a communication plan that helps you let people know what you have.
  • Describe how you will evaluate your product, services, and how you will communicate that to your audiences.

Putting Together a Marketing Plan

With the four points above in mind, work through the following questions to develop your county-specific marketing plan. Larger counties may want to consider a few smaller marketing plans by topic area, but they should all work with the overall marketing plan.

  • What Is Your Purdue Extension County Mission?
    Keep this to one paragraph.
  • What Is Your Purdue Extension County Vision?
    Also keep this to one paragraph. Define where you want your educational programs to be in three to five years.
  • Who Is Your Target Audience?
    Keep this to one page. List and describe your audience's demographics to help you understand who you are trying to reach.
  • What is the Situational Analysis?
    Up to three pages. Describe how you will meet your audience's demands. Include staff, development issues, monetary resources and product delivery.
  • What is the Position Statement
    One page. Describe what makes your product, program, and service different.
  • What Are Vivid Descriptors of Your Product, Program or Service?
    Half page. Describe, in words your audience would user, your product, programs and services.
  • What Is Your Promotion and Communication Plan?
    List and describe the various media you can use to reach your primary and, at most, secondary audiences.
  • What Are Your Plans for Action, Timeline, and Budget?
    One to three pages. Decide on the best media (based on your budget) to use to reach your audience. Write a plan with a timeline for media to use and include a budget of media placement.

With this information in hand, you can work with your Purdue Extension county board, volunteers, and local media to implement your plan. When you clearly define your goals and costs, you can appeal to funding agencies or donors to help fund the communication and marketing process.