Branding Purdue Extension

Branding is all about creating an identity the public can recognize instantly.

This page covers the following topics: Our Name is 'Purdue Extension'What Branding Will AccomplishHow We All BrandStrategic Marketing, and Additional Resources.

Our Name is 'Purdue Extension'

When somebody says, "marketing," many of us start thinking of well-known corporate logos like the Nike swoosh. But an essential ingredient for effective marketing is that everybody knows your name. Even our loyal cusotmers know us by many names - which means they may have a hard time finding us in a phonebook or referring us to their friends because they don't have a consistent name. And if people can't find us, they stop looking. Presenting a consistent name is a first step toward establishing recognition and brand identity.

Our formal name is the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. This name should appear in formal locations, such as stationery, envelopes, and contracts. However, like International Business Machines Corporation (more commonly known as IBM), Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service is quite a mouthful. 

So for all but the most formal circumstances, use "Purdue Extension" as our name. That includes county and department references - use a hyphen between Purdue Extension and your county or department name (not a comma). For example:

  • Purdue Extension-XYZ County
  • Purdue Extension-ABC Department

What Branding Will Accomplish

If we use the name consistently, when people hear "Purdue Extension," they will associate it with lifelong learning and outreach. In time, the public will be able to easily find and identify Purdue Extension and not confuse us with a Purdue branch campus. People will know what Purdue Extension stands for and the type of education we represent.

How We All Brand

If you work for Purdue Extension, you are marketing all the time. Each year, people see, read, or hear about (or from) Purdue Extension numerous times. When you give a speech, host a meeting, work with the news media, or produce a newsletter, you are, in fact, marketing Purdue University and Purdue Extension. 

To market effectively and to make sure people will remember who we are, it is important to use our name and images consistently. We need to be known as Purdue Extension.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing Purdue Extension strategically involves three actions:

  1. Marketing the Total Extension Organization
    This means creating a consistent, highly visible and top-quality organization image, mission, and identity.
  2. Marketing Extension's Educational Programs
    This means consistently improving programs and services to meet the needs of clientele, and to be accessible to people.
  3. Expanding Relationships
    This means developing, maintaining, and expanding constructive relationships with key public officials, private funders, community leaders, volunteers, clientele, staff, and media representatives.

The goals of strategic marketing include:

  • Developing educational programs and services that satisfy current and future educational needs.
  • Identifying and communicating Purdue Extension's identity and impact effectively.
  • Enhancing all written and oral communication.
  • Communicating the educational impact of available programs to the public, private funders, community decision makers, and the media.
  • Creating a committment to exemplary service.
  • Developing supportive relationships with public and private funders, community decision makers, and the media.

Additional Resources

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