​Purdue Extension Graphics ​ 

See Purdue Extension Branding Guidelines​ for detailed branding guidelines. Remember:

  • ​Never distort these marks. Resizing is acceptable. See Photo Manipulation Guidelines.
  • Never alter these marks. For example, never separate the tagline ("Local faces. Countless connections.") from Purdue Extension; and never create a homemade stacked version of the graphic. The stacked version is for use in extremely rare circumstances, which is why it is not included on this site.
  • Never use these marks on official letterhead or business cards. See Stationery, Letterhead & Business Cards

If you want to use a Purdue Extension graphic in your email signature, visit this page.


Purdue Extension Co-brand

This is the official logo for Purdue Extension. An official co-brand must appear on all Extension pieces. 

For more information on brand standards visit purdue.edu/brand.

Purdue Extension and County Name Co-brands

This is an example of the official logo for Purdue Extension county offices. The Extension

co-brand (with or without the county name) must be on all Extension materials.​

Download here​.​

Apparel (Embroidery) Only

This graphic is for use on Extension apparel only. Please note the graphic is not a replacement for the Purdue Co-brand logo. The official logo must be used somewhere on the piece, the graphic is optional. When in doubt use the official co-brand, or contact Purdue Agriculture Communication for guidance. 

Application example - polo shirts

Showing apparel graphic for visual purposes. The official logo must be used somewhere on the apparel - either on the 1) sleeve or 2) back. Contact Ag Communications for vendor packet distribution.

Additionally, vendor packets should be distributed to vendors only by Ag Communications.​



Apparel graphic and county lockups are available for embroidery only. To use a graphic lockup for apparel your Purdue approved vendor must request the graphic directly from Purdue Agricultural Communication.​


Gold should be brand compliant (or as close as possible) to Pantone 110C, Madeira 1359, Polyneon 1724. Pleaseensure there is enough contrast between the fabric color and the gold thread, otherwise use all white or all black. The TM symbol should be present in any logo used for embroidery. Any questions can be directed to Purdue Agricultural


Program Areas


4-H Youth Development

Agriculture and Natural Resources (updated branding coming soon)

Community Development (updated branding coming soon)

Health and Human Sciences (updated branding coming soon)




Agricultural & Biological Engineering (updated branding coming soon)

Agricultural Economics (updated branding coming soon)

Agronomy (updated branding coming soon)

Animal Sciences (updated branding coming soon)

Botany & Plant Pathology (updated branding coming soon)

Consumer Science (updated branding coming soon)

Entomology (updated branding coming soon)

Food Science (updated branding coming soon)

Forestry & Natural Resources (updated branding coming soon)

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture (updated branding coming soon)

Human Development and Family Studies (updated branding coming soon)

Nutrition Science (updated branding coming soon)

School of Nursing (updated branding coming soon)

Veterinary Medicine (updated branding coming soon)

Youth Development and Agricultural Education (updated branding coming soon)​