Social Media Graphics

This page contains links to official Purdue Extension and Purdue Agriculture social media profile pictures, including profile pictures​Twitter graphics, and social media icons for web and email.
Remember: do not use these images as your personal profile picture on social media sites. Use them only for social media pages you administer for Purdue Agriculture, Purdue Extension, the Department of Agricultural Communication, or Agriculture Information Technology.

Profile Pictures

You can use these profile pictures for the Facebook and Twitter accounts that you administer. The graphics are optimized for the small thumbnail profile picture. The dimensions for the Facebook cover photo image are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. You can use Photoshop (or similar photo editing software) to optimize your cover photo.

Twitter Graphics

Twitter profile pictures are used in a variety of sizes, but users can always click on small pictures to see the full-size versions.

Background Pictures

Choose "Change Background Image" under "Settings>Design" and browse for the background image below. Then select "Tile Background."

Twitter Design

Use the following parameters under "Settings>Design" after clicking "Change Design Colors":
Background: ffffff
Text: 333333
Links: 004a61
Sidebar: dbdac3
Sidebar border: 000000

Social Media Icons for Web and Email

Social media icons are a great way to direct traffic to your social media presence. You can add social media icons to your county website or email signature. Graphics and instructions appear below.

Social Media Icons for Your County Website

Use these icons for your Purdue Extension county website.

Social Media Icons for Email

Use these icons for your email signature.