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Climate Change


Climate Change


Understanding and Managing Risk

Planet Earth

As climate change appears more and more in conversations and the media, Extension has been addressing issues locally and nationally that are of interest to the public. It is Purdue EDEN's long-term goal to provide risk management education for key areas.

We will continue to add information and links to this page. If you have questions, or comments, please contact Steve Cain, Purdue Disaster Specialist, at

General Resources

How do we know the climate is changing? (Source USGS)

What are some of the signs of climate change? (Source USGS)


Climate Change - Alaska


California Climate Change
University of California Climate Change web page provides interviews to questions, research, and Extension for California


Climate Change: A brief summary for Kentucky Extension
Tips to understand and take action to counter man-made issues associated with climate change.

Car and tractor in snow
Picture taken by S. Cain


Climate Change Are you preparing for it?
Steps to gain inclusion in climate change education.

Purdue Climate Change Research Center
Purdue Climate Change Research Center offers science-based information.

Useful to Usable​
This focuses understanding how to encourage more people to become engaged in environmentally friendly behaviors, with a special emphasis on the agricultural community.​

Southeast U.S.

Extension and the Climate Change Challenge
Southeast Climate Consortium offers practices for Extension Educators.

Farm Poll Examines Climate Change

The Six America's of Climate Change


UVM hires climate change specialist


Building a coordinated approach to Climate Change extension


From Climate Variability to Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities to Extension​​​​​​​​​​​​​