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Weather Information

Weather Information

Shoes on drought land

Indiana Weather

Purdue Agronomy on Weather and Climate

Volunteer Rain, Hail and Snow Reports (Source: CoCoRaHS)

Interactive Weather Reports for Indiana (Source: NOAA)

WaterWatch: Current water resources conditions (Source: USGS)

National & Midwest Weather

Drought Monitor
Check out maps and forecasts from USDA, NOAA and the National Drought Mitigation Center

The Weather Channel

Midwest Climate Watch
Check out the latest figures in rainfall, temperatures and the crop moisture index.

NOAA's Drought Information Center

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center

Accumulated Precipitation for early July 2009

Agronomic & Agriculture Statistics

Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service

Ag Answers
This website is maintained by Agricultural Communications at Purdue and Ohio State universities. While it is not drought specific, news on this site from time to time covers drought topics.

Economic: Prices & Outlook

Agricultural Outlook
The Agricultural Economics department provides Outlook information. Often weather-related issues show up in their analysis.

Agricultural Economics 2005-2006 Extension Program Offerings
Educational and trianing opportunities are available for diverse audiences related to agriculture and the food sector. The training is focused on major commodities, land and other inputs, agricultural trade and the general economy.

Vegetable Crop Information

Vegetable Crops Hotline - 2006 Bulletin
The Vegetable Crop Hotline is a newsletter for commercial vegetable growers prepared by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

Horticulture & Turf Drought Resources

Information provided by Purdue Extension

First Aid for Drought-Stricken Plants
(Released 4/20/2000)

Keep Plants Watered for Drought Recovery
(Released 10/19/1995)

Mulching Conserves Soil Moisture
(Released June 1992)

Dry Spell or Drought?
(Released June 1994)

In Times of Drought
(Released June 2005)

Please Don't Burn Your Leaves
(Released 11/20/1997)

Hot Weather is Tough on Plants Too!
(Released 4/20/1995)