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Floods & Storms: Flood Gallery: June 2008

Flood Gallery: June 2008

Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger picture.
These photos were were taken in Shelby County by Scott Brunner.

aerial view
aerial view flooded
aerial plane
aerial woods

aerial woods truck
aerial river
aerial river forest
aerial river forest 2

aerial river forest 3
aerial road field
aerial road flooded
aerial roofs

aerial houses
aerial hotel
aerial mall
aerial boat

aerial helicopter
aerial fields
aerial destroyed fields
aerial fields and pond

aerial fields and forest
aerial debris
aerial debris and power line
aerial debris closeup

aerial debris suburb
aerial river and fields
aerial crops
aerial debris farm

aerial debris farm 2
aerial debris farm 3
aerial debris plane
aerial clouds

aerial path of destruction
aerial path 2
aerial forest destruction
aerial forest destruction 2

aerial pond trees
aerial river trees road
aerial winding road
aerial blown trees

aerial blown trees and field
aerial fields
aerial field arcs
aerial field scraggle