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Children & Disasters

Children & Disasters

Children and Disasters

Helping Children Understand Disaster
Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath are dominating the news. The following information may be helpful as professionals and families try to help children understand the disaster and cope with the stress that accompanies it. (Source: Purdue Extension)

Talking with Children (Source: Purdue Extension)

Helping Children Cope with Disaster
Disaster may strike quickly and without warning. These events can be frightening for adults, but they are traumatic for children if they don't know what to do. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross have prepared this brochure so you can help your children cope.

How to Help Children After a Disaster
A guidebook for parents and teachers (Source: FEMA)

Children and Disasters Issue
This page provides links to resources useful for the whole family in addressing disaster preparedness, responding and recovering from disasters, and reducing vulnerability to certain disasters. (Source: EDEN)

Helping Children Cope with Crisis: A Workbook for African American Fmailies
Developed by the National Black Child Development Institute and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, in collaboration with other organizations serving the African American community. This workbook is focused on helping families face everyday hardships, such as crime and poverty, and also enhance the strength and togetherness that is necessary during times of major crisis. (Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health)

Helping Traumatized Children: A Brief Overview for Caregivers
This booklet is one in a series developed by the Child Trauma Academy to assist parents, caregivers, teahers and various professionals with maltreated and traumatized children. Also available: Materials for Caregivers. (Source: Child Trauma Academy)

Children's Reaction to Stress (PDF: 190 KB)
Early childhood professionals recognizing stress reactions and coping behaviors in children. (Source: Iowa State University Extension)

Childhood Stress - What Parents Can Do (PDF: 63 KB)
Advice and suggestions for parents dealing with disaster recovery. (Source: Iowa State University Extension)

Children's Needs
Recognizing Stress in Children (Source:

A Guide for Teachers
Provides information that describes what children might experience during and after a disaster, how they might react to a disaster, and what teachers can do to help students during the recovery period. (Source: University of Illinois Extension)

Helping Your Family Prepare Before a Disaster
Families that work together to prepare for the problem will cope better than those who do not take precautions. Consider how your children might react in a disaster, how you might react, and how the crisis could affect each person's emotional and physical well-being. Plan in advance for how to deal with a crisis situation. (Source: North Carolina Cooperative Extension)

Family Disaster Resources

Coping with Disaster
The emotional toll that disaster brings can sometimes be even more devastating than the financial strains of damage and loss of home, business, or personal property. (Source: FEMA)

America at War: Helping Families and Children Cope
This webpage provides camera-ready and audio resources in English and Spanish for supporting and educating families and children in coping with the constant evidences of war. (Source: University of Kentucky Extension)

Strengthening Families and Communities in Times of Crisis
Articles that may be of help to you and your family when dealing with the issues of war. (Source: University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension)